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(50.64 KB 474x631 Russian.jpg)
(42.92 KB 472x321 soros.jpg)
George Soros Tried To Ruin Russia Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 19:54:13 No. 11353
The Open Society was banned from Russia because of subversion.

1) Open Society tried to ruin Russia

2) jew-made movies attack Russia

3) Every jew-owned TV channel attacks Russia

4) Every jew-owned newspaper attacks Russia

5) Every jew-owned magazine attacks Russia

6) jew-controlled UN attacks Russia

7) jew-controlled EU attacks Russia

8) jews hate Trump because he tried to make it cool with Russia

Before the jewish media and establishment started attacking Russia, George Soros tried to destroy Russia with his own hands.

How Soros tried to ruin Russia:

one of putins mouthpieces said if nationalists get power theyll hang us all
the russianbot is back
(78.59 KB 748x577 jewsa_russia_comp.jpg)
Just to keep it real
(148.73 KB 1222x850 george_soros.jpg)
Nice comparison but just one thing:
>Criticize Israel
One of those countries allows Holocaust denial. The other does not.
Us? Referring to whom? Remember they kicked out America's Peace Corp for doing the same subversive shit.
>George Soros tried to ruin Russia
What do you mean tried? He did already. Back in the 1990's he played his part in the CIA's economic hit on Russia. He helped crash the Ruble which along with action taken by the likes of the IMF and cunts such as William Browder send the Russian economy into a nosedive while desperately needed cash and assets were stolen from the Russian people. Massive amounts of people died due to the dire economic situation at the time. Putin is well aware of what Soros has done to his people, it's a wonder he never order a hit on him
Ethnic Rus being replaced by mudslimes
Only because ZOGland still has the first amendment.
So why does Russia not have a First Amendment equivalent in their constitution? Why has Putin not pushed for one? Because he's done the opposite.
That's not fully correct. You can't criticize jews or question the holocaust in Russia. You can in the US.
>You can't criticize jews or question the holocaust in Russia. You can in the US.
This is legal mumbojumbo which has no relevance in daily life though.
In the US senate and congress would ban questioning the holohoax in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the first amendment but you will likely lose your job if you call (((them))) out on the.
in Russia everybody will joke about it.
(13.26 KB 340x311 putin.jpg)
(256.04 KB 900x500 putin moscow.jpg)
jewtin puts Russian ethnonationalists and White nationalists in prison. Meanwhile the numbers of non-Whites migrating into White areas of the country, raping, assaulting etc. ethnic Russians are increasing.
Yeah, it seems that in USA you can do a lot of things on paper, but have severe social and economic repercussions for doing so, while in Russia it's banned but most people don't give a fuck and do it anyway. Slavs understand that laws are only as valid as far as one can enforce them, while oversocialized Americans fall for Talmudic memes.

That doesn't make Putin any less of a kike though.
Personally? No. But they're constitutionally obligated to.
>while in Russia it's banned but most people don't give a fuck and do it anyway.
Seems pointless to ban it at all. Same in France, how many violate their "hate speech" laws? A lot, but they don't give a fuck. These people are our friends, they fight for freedom.
>>11353 1st pic. it's not exactly russian, i suppose. not those eyes.
>>29429 It's Mari or Meadow Mari also known as Cheremis. They are nearly extinct by now, it's less than half million of them, and they are definitely not russians. They will become very aggressive if you call one of them "russian". passer-by from polru
>>14561 >in Russia everybody will joke about it. In Russia, (((they))) will imprison you for 'holocaust denialism'. https://www.jta.org/2014/05/05/global/russia-makes-holocaust-denial-illegal https://forward.com/news/breaking-news/197664/holocaust-deniers-in-russia-now-face-five-years-in/ Putin is like Trump, both are shabbath goyim for zoglins. t.Russki
>>12574 Reminder that Putin will say anything that secures him votes. He's having White nationalists imprisoned as you read this.
(1.93 MB 3264x1840 123456789.jpg)
I dunno who is fukkin jewros and what he want from Russia, but I know WHO IS MR. PUTIN - he is a murder of Russian people, he exploded apartments in Moscow, Volgodonsk, Buynaksk for votes in 1998, his FSB tried to do this again in Ryazan, but them was caught by locals, just try to google "Ryazan sugar". He banned all russian liberals, nationalists, even not controlled commies, even fukkin tea club will be banned. HE, HIS FRIENDS (((ROTENBERG))), (((SECHIN))), (((MILLER))), (((KIRIENKO))), (((SHOYGU))) and all company from Leningrad's gym just robbing our country every day, every hour. It is a mafia without any ideology or a point of view, so they very scares of strong people who havin any idea of future. They brings here thousands of muslims from middle asia cuz they many more cheaper and under control. They paying ethnic mafia from Tatarstan, Tyva, Yakutia, Caucasus and near countries like Armenia and Azerbaijan, these ethnics infiltrate into the business of Moscow and regions, these churkas controls human traffic and enslave russians with help of our goverment and bring us to slavework in Stavropol', Dagestan and Chechnya. Haha, btw, Chechnya doesn't pay any taxes to feds, RUSSIANS PAYING FOR ALL. Even I typing this shit I wanna cry, there is no future, sun will never shine to this land. Sorry for my junky english.
>>29772 Все так. Я все еще удивляюсь, как западные аноны веруют, что у нас тут чуть-ли блядь не "четвертый рейх с путиным" и "based праволславный фашизм". А по факту мы живем в Совке 2.0 c небольшой рыночной свободой (только для (((кооператива Озеро))), конечно).
>>11353 I'm tired to explain but you guys on this board seem to be smarter than average. Look, jews attack Russia in Media not because it's a shining beacon of Traditional values which they sincerely hate. Most of 3-rd world countries are far more traditional than Russia (here gay marriages are not allowed, but in Africa homosexuals are jailed or executed). It's because propaganda needs external enemy to blame all the shit on. "You elected wrong president, because Russia". Russia fits this role because: 1. Boomers remember USSR so it's easy to scare them with Russia. 2. We are White (in opinion of majority of people). It would be politically incorrect for jews to constantly attack for example Ethiopia or Mexico on TV. 3. While Russia appears to be powerful (see p.1), it's totally safe to mess with it, because Russia is a paper tiger. It's 1.6% of world GDP. Elites have their families and money on the West (while rambling on TV about how West is rotten and evil), it's economy relies on selling oil and other resources to EU. Putin is not "Russian nationalist". Russian nationalists are in jail or dead here. Putin's only ideology is "my friends and I should be as rich as possible at expense of Russian people". In USSR he used to work in ideological department of KGB. In 90-s he was liberal and worked on liberal politic Sobchak (that's when he began to rob Russia). Now he's pretending to be conservative (because conservatism is popular among population). I won't be surprised if in 10 years he will become SJW as this will become popular among zoomers. So we'll have a beautiful mix of 3-rd world country with 1-st world SJW-bullshit. >>12574 > allowed to criticize jews, closed borders, banned porn Lol. I wonder whether this was written by shill or by idiot.
(258.77 KB 2480x3508 253253252.jpg)
(18.14 MB 1280x720 Putin is savior of white race.mp4)
(507.90 KB 4592x3196 4626262626.jpg)
(216.03 KB 602x420 64264222662.png)
>>43411 russia has always had large quantities of non-Whites in t's lands like sibirids, tatars, chuvash, ect. so maybe that is why
>>43411 lol turkey scored an 85
Can someone tell me how the non Muslim non-Whites are treated in East Europe (and Europe as a whole)? Because I've heard they mainly hate muslims. Not like asians or indians.
>>43419 only europeans that tolerate muslims are bongs and germans, in other countries its usually only people from the city that dont dislike them but even still almost no one likes them anyways cause they always make their own stereotype about being subhumans true in eastern europe you see almost no muslims because no gibs and slavs hate muslims
>>43420 but slavs (mainly russians) are mixed with turkic muslims...
>>43420 A massive percentage of the population of Russia is muslim though.
(86.95 KB 474x613 3462262.jpeg)
>>14563 >>14561 >>14548 >>14513 >>11353 >>43415 >>43365 Russians aren't fucking White, deal with it.
>>43463 Sad cow?
>>43463 no u
>>43463 The guy in the bottom right corner looks like Tarrant.
>>43463 And the other one looks just like Goebbels.


no cookies?