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(1.48 MB 1983x2900 5ada42289cf86.jpg)
Anonymous 01/03/2020 (Fri) 22:20:50 No. 17495
Hey lads,

I made a new Murdoch Murdoch Mirror:


Feel free to share the link with fellow frens.
thank fren
will share with frens, thank you fren
(11.22 KB 768x512 glowsbrightly.jpg)
>8chan goes down
>(((8kun))) comes up
>endchan goes down
>(((endchan))) comes up
>julay goes down
>(((julay))) comes up
>neinchan goes down
>(((neinchan))) comes up
>nano goes down
>(((nano))) comes up
murdochmurdoch went down
(((murdochmurdoch))) comes up
thanks f̶e̶d̶ fren!
The reason that happens to a lot of sites lately is (partly) because many backbone service providers, no longer want to work with "neo-nazi" websites, due to increased pressure from ngo's and governments thanks to a certain aussie shitposter
It's not necessarily all because of feds.
When did Nein go down?
(649.53 KB 1047x696 pppppp.png)
nein hasnt been down in forever but whatever you say buddy
Been here since August and don't recall Nein being down ever.
It was real in my mind

fren does something nice for everyone
(((fren))) fed starts badmouthing effort
wow your astroturfing is so good i dont know which way is up anymore
you just trolled us all so hard
its over now you did it
racism is no more
(169.28 KB 454x345 WomanZeroDays1.png)
Neinchan has been shoa'd enough times I made a few OC like this. It was mostly before 8/pol went down IIRC.
Thanks OP, I hadn't realized MM got the shoa.
Mostly us just getting kicked off the servers and switching to lynx
No actual (((maintenance))) shut downs or anything like that
There was also RomaniaMod or some eastern european country who deleted /pol/. Didn't heard what his grudge was. Saw it happen with my own eyes, threads disappearing with each reload...

Kicked off servers twice with no backups.

It was so common at one point, there was a bunker 8/neinchan/.
I wish he could animate. His Wojak abnominations and primitive moving lips editings make it too hard for me to enjoy his shit.
That's part of the charm. It's supposed to be hacky. The chick is wojack with red braids, and she's a meme all of her own.

It's like the stupid jib-jab year in review animations.
For some reason I never watched these Murdoch Murdoch videos until now.
I've got to say that some of these are simply masterpieces of memery and art.

My favorites are:
>Galaxy MM88
>Wanderer's Choice (fucking beautiful I LOVE IT)
>Vampire Hunter M
>The Rabbit Hole
>Burqas in Bongland
>Face the Strange
(395.74 KB 500x649 only1left.png)
Thx Fren
(395.74 KB 500x649 only1left.png)
Thx Fren
OP here.

Do you have suggestions how I could improve my mirror?
Upload to Bitchute and other websites
as of now, bitchute seems pretty good
There already are MM videos on bitchute:


Besides, bitchutes video compression is bad.

Another question: Where could I put the link to make my mirror more public? Encyclopediadramaticas MM page is already updated. Where else would people look for it?
(32.04 KB 541x567 images (43).jpeg)
>mfw were all just hecken frens :DD
>mfw were all just hecken frens :DD
Has the MFW-Abbreviation already been redeclared to mean "My Fellow Whites"? If not, it's time.
a 'fren' is a Far Right Ethno-Nationalist, never forget this, frens
yeah ik the romanian guy
he was seriously autistic
some mod convinced him they were a 14yr old trap and he wanted to get assfucked by them
also made a cock and ball torture video to save said trap from homelessness
was closely involved with the guy but he started to get severely more autistic overtime
also whenever his mom yelled at him he would say it was his tv
also checked digits
Not just because of that, I really loved the journey in itself and the fact that they had Oswald Mosley with the Eternal Anglo face as companion
I couldn't stop giggling when he used his Flash & Circle staff to bestow the power of fascism
dr murdoch even says in the show, "the overlap of those who can percieve the heights of western civilization, and appreciate a shitty made internet cartoon is pretty small"

you forgot metamorphisis and last son of the west

also the fact he was a lightning mage.
i wish they made more episodes in following the storytelling epic format.
Why anybody forgot about CheekyVidoes ?
Basically, it's a main place, when you can find all of Murdoch cartoons:


In additional, there is many videos from another "right-wing dissidents" channels which were gassed by jewtube (such as Evalion, RageAfterStorm, Oscar Turner, 2DADSTV, etc)

Also, the new cartoon by MM !

Cheekyvideos is extremely slow, especially with tor. That's why everybody always asks for mirrors.
Eh, kind of sucks, not their usual high quality material.
It was ok, certainly not their best, but definitely far from their worse
>>18044 (checked)
You might be right, I have only seen a few...
Why are you advertizing cheekyvideos in a thread, that's there to publish another MM mirror? Which has a better design than cheeky has, I may add. And also had the new video long before it was mentioned for the first time:


Are you secret russian cheekyvideos-trolls? Are you feds, and cheeky is a honeypot?
(118.46 KB 1024x851 1573625928437m.jpg)
Best anime, thanks desu!
I'll bite.
Cheeky is the original place where all the Episodes are released by MM themselves.
mirrors are good, in case the source gets shoah'd
Just block trackers and use a VPN dingus.
Like he said, that's part of being political dissidents. Sometimes you just dont have perfect information.

doesn't use trackers, external javascripts, or external content, doesn't keep logs for longer than a few days, and still uses shell commands and eyeballs to analyze those logs. Also strongly believes in fascistic firewalling, and uses digital MG-nests to shoot undesirables on sight.
Also, internal undesirables got their helicopter-ride right at the beginning.
The propaganda seems more geared to hating woman than Kikes. Is this really gonna help us raise an army? I don't think so. Beyond that, the entertainment value just seems pretty low in general. I get the sneeking suspicion it is created to simply make people who don't like the ZOG look bad.
The type of White man who be most effected by this propaganda (in a way beneficial to us) could be pushed to killing interracial couples, which is a great thing. But they're probably just as likely to learn how to pick up fat girls or something and then never want anything to do with killing people again.
Overall, low quality stuff.
My idea: anime version of the Turner Diaries, done together by clipping scenes from various anime into a type of collage, telling a new story about the war against "America." While the rape stuff is almost done for comedic effect in this propaganda, it could be done much better if done in a more serious context: many episodes preparing up for the eventual rape and murder of the protagonists White lover by some non-White. The protagonist then learns he can't get revenge on them without first killing the Kikes. Eventually, he puts together an entire army of people to overthrow the ZOG, launches nuclear attacks against Israel (along with any other targets worth obliterating: Saudi Arabia), and the people live heavily after. Could even give them magic powers and shit.
Though even a claymation Gumby-type thing, where there is only the thiniest possible veneer of comedy, would also be highly acceptable. The point is you want people to actually feel for the girl and her boy, and not just think of some hot girl that once rejected them.
Watched a few more. Episode 5 is terrible, seems like ZOG propaganda against Russia wrapped in an 'irony' package. Why not end it with Russia killing the celebrity tranny? Why bother contrasting degenerate Italian race-mixers to bestiality, instead of pedophilia? Where's the jew in the episode?
"Race War, US Against Them" is definitely the best one so far, if a bit repetitive. There are probably better scenes (especially of young children) that could be used to reinforce 'the pack' mentality of how niggers choose to operate in groups. I know there are some videos floating around like that. Crime states were a nice touch. Could use random flashes of Dylan Storm Roof, along with messages "He was right!" or something.
Will watch a few more later.
Episode six was pretty funny, though it is clearly written with two different audiences in mind to watch simultaneously. I did laugh out loud at the end though, so thumbs up.
Episode 7 was a let-down. Instead of summoning Stonewall Jackson, it would have been better had they summoned Benedict Arnold instead. And then southern hicks go to "Canada" to start the race war, then Australia, etc. The almost non-reaction of the Stonewall Brigade seems to give away too much of the creator's intentions.
I had to turn it off at the part where there was a Kike in space. Kikes don't have a future, much less one in space!
The only possible category of fiction that would include Kikes having a future would have to be some kind of Lovecraftian horror literature, where an entity from another reality is trying to destroy us by assisting the Kikes.
So you're saying that seeing a member of your tribe getting vanquished in an internet cartoon trigger you?
So you're saying, that seing a shitposter triggered about kikes in an vacuum triggers you?
>So you're saying that seeing a member of your tribe getting vanquished in an internet cartoon trigger you?
No, I'm saying the creator of this content is mocking dissidents of the ZOG, and leaves many quite obvious signs of it. This stuff isn't made by us, especially not by anyone with a mind for influencing people who aren't White Nationalists.
I'm not saying this type of stuff is completely worthless. Some of these things have potential, but only where the comedic veneer is as thin as possible. As it stands, people who love the ZOG, and are opposed to those who hate the ZOG, could easily watch this stuff and think it is attacking White Nationalism. That is because it was intended that way from its creation, which is fairly obvious. Hollywood notoriously creates films with two audiences in mind, and this is no different.
In fact, we want internet cartoons where the Kikes are destroyed. We want these internet cartoons to be serious ones, cartoons that make people hate Kikes too. We want internet cartoons where the whole world is cheering for Earl Turner to kill every last Kike on the planet.
What we don't want is cartoons that are obviously mocking dissidents of the ZOG. This isn't to say it is impossible to use some comedic veneer, but it should be as thin as possible. So thin, that you can convince nearly no one that it isn't a legitimate piece of White Nationalist propaganda, and not something obviously created to mock White Nationalists, such as it appears nearly all this material is so for (the only exception the Race War video I mentioned earlier: that actually does look like it was made by a White Nationalist and not a Kike-loving faggot).

Look at the following clip:


Where exactly do you see kikelovery?

I would agree, that the quality of MM videos varies, and that there are bad ones out there. But overall, I'm glad, that they exist. Those videos did a lot for me in simply normalizing in a comedic setting, that kikes are bad, and that national socialism is good. It took a lot for me to overcome my conditioning in those regards, and the MM creators helped me with it. And from then on, I'm normalizing those things, and help other people to break their conditioning, quite often by showing people, that there's a world behind the iron curtain of censorship, and that there are some nice people out there.

Anyways, I think, that the MM clips often are really freeing, and often able to deliver redpills, while being funny enough to be watched with a friend during RL-shitposting.
>We want internet cartoons where the whole world is cheering for Earl Turner to kill every last Kike on the planet.

Why don't you make such an cartoon? If you need help, open a thread, and you may very well find people who would help you.
>Where exactly do you see kikelovery?
I was initially going to give it a full of viewing. I had to stop around the 3 minute mark. Yockeyism should tell you why this is absolutely terrible garbage.
But then I decided, let me go ahead and stick it out the whole way, just to see what else would be interesting. But yeah, the whole premise is the propaganda is that the masses of the White Nation are too stupid to understand the only reason "America" hated the USSR was because the Commies said niggers in "America" belong to another Nation, and that Kikes don't even have a Nation!
This can never be stated enough. The Kike-loving faggots that rule that thing called "America" think they can forced integration with niggers didn't already happen to us 50 years ago. They think anti-communism is some kind of gift from the Sky Kike. They're the same people that read the Songs of Songs in the Bible, and turned it into the Sky-Kike endorsing their miscegenation with nigger slave women.
We're telling the viewer this now: when you watch this stuff, it is meant to 'prove' to the creators of it how mentally superior they are to you. They are saying with garbage like this "The masses of the White Nation are even stupider than niggers, and will be forever our slaves!" The USSR was the biggest enemy in the world to the Kikes, something the Kikes had repeatedly stated throughout their own documents for decades (see the Yinon Plan).
There was a brief "conservative" cottage industry of anti-Soviet books produced in "America" during the 60s and 70s, detailing how the Kikes were fleeing the USSR like rats. This is probably the only material ever produced by "American" "right" wingers worth reading, but to learn the opposite of the intended lesson. They argue quite convincely, the USSR was an anti-Kike state. They throwing Kikes in prison for trying to escape to Israel, google the Dymshits–Kuznetsov affair.
We to mobilize our people for their National Liberation, and anyone else in the world willing to fight the Kikes. This is propaganda, demonizing what the Kikes themselves believed was their greatest enemy in the world. That is producing political propaganda on behalf of the Kikes.
The viewer should wonder to themselves, exactly who were the people who made this material? Why are there no credits on anything (at least of the videos I watched all the way through, there were none). It's not because they are crypto-White Nationalists, trying to keep their identities are secret. No, it's because if they told you some mainstream jew studio produced this garbage, it would just be too obvious to point it out. I'd just show you the credits and be done with it.
There are no "red pills" here. Actually scathing attacks on the ZOG are basically absent from this material, as far as I can tell.
The inside joke of the film is simply the people they think they can convince this is real. The creators probably never thought to consider what it meant if too many people know what it really is.
Dude, you sound like some Saint-Tarrant-Worked-For-The-Mossad-Shill.

The soviet union was basically founded by ethnic jews, and only attacked religious jews. Both groups aren't the same. Ethnic jews are those kikes who are dominating things like politics and hollywood. Religious jews - the orthodox ones are the only jews caring about their religion - look like jews, and don't want to intermingle with the goyim, therefore are opposed to politics, and are against degeneracy as is produced by hollywood, the media, and so on.

The next thing you'll probably tell us is, that Adolf Hitler himself was a crypto-jew, because the nurnberg laws were modeled after the torah, and tried to push all those ethnic jews, who were fucking up germany, back into their orthodox jewish communities, which weren't fucking up germany. You know, the SA closed jewish shops ONLY on sabbaths. All this "discrimination" in nazi-germany against jews was nothing other than the enforcement of traditional jewish law.

The higher ranks of the soviets, on the other hand, overwhelmingly were ethnic jews. They were atheists, but that doesn't change their jewishness, and they attacked orthodox jews just as much, if not more, as they attacked christians and the bourgoise.

Ask yourself, which kind of jew we really hate.

Do we hate the religious one, who segregates himself, keeps the sabbath, obeys the hundred of religious rules demanded by judaism, is clothed like a jew, and doesn't care about politics or producing propaganda for degenerates? Are those the jews, which keep the wars going? Are those the jews, who are pushing for degeneracy while having their role in the media? Are those the jews, who keep creating anti-human propaganda like the "critical method", feminism, and so on?

Or do we hate the westernized jew, who long became atheist, pretends to be one of us, doesn't care about his religious duties, clogs up hollywood, politics, and the media, and was the only kind of jew, Adolf Hitler tried to keep out of german society?

After reading your last post, I too believe, that you're either a kike, or working for kikes. But not for the religious ones, who try to remain among themselves, but for the ethnic ones, which are the ones who created the soviet union, killed the religious ones in great numbers, which were against communism, because communism is a violation of the ten commandments. Those ethnic jews also keep the wars going, poison our mind, push for White genocide, and employ large numbers of shills - I suspect like yourself - to derail every effort to solidify some opposition to their rule. I suspect, that that's what you're trying to achieve.

Yeah, not all jews are equal.

Also: If you have such high standards on cartoons, create them yourself, instead of badmouthing the hard work others.
>Dude, you sound like some Saint-Tarrant-Worked-For-The-Mossad-Shill.
It's pretty clear Tarrant shot a bunch of generic-Wahabists that deserved it, just like Dylan Storm Roof shot a bunch of ChristKike niggers that deserved it.
>The soviet union was basically founded by ethnic jews, and only attacked religious jews. Both groups aren't the same.
Facts don't mean anything to ZOG-faggots. They are here to spread a line that they think is beneficial to them. When they can go back to the Kikes and say "Look, we have them under control, don't worry about it," that benefits them.
Being Earl Turner gets you put on a list by the ZOG. Being Hal Turner (google this name), a "Right" wing radio host and FBI informant, gets you briefcases full of cash and get-out-of-prison-free cards.
Their propaganda doesn't even make sense, because it never even occurred to them to make it for people who would care about such things. It is crass, crass beyond belief, and openly a parody of the audience it is alleged for.
"Ethnic jew" is a term used by someone with a Bible-mind. Someone who thinks Moses and Jesus were White Man. They are the same people who act like Israel didn't flood their own country with millions of Arabs, Arabs with a Kike-identity (the Mizrahi Kike). They're the same people who pretend "Israel" is an Ethnostate, when it is a melting pot of Europeans and Sand-Niggers. They know this, they just hope the readers don't.
>The next thing you'll probably tell us is, that Adolf Hitler himself was a crypto-jew
"National Socialism" to them is a kind of fashion accessory, that doesn't reflect any actual political thought coming out of the National Socialist Workers' Party of Germany, nor any efforts of the German Nation to unify itself. They assume ideology has nothing to do with anything to their pretended audience, so why make things sharp? Why not go whole-hog into Prussia, Austria, and Danzig? Why not spell it out for the reader that the struggle of the German Nation to re-unify themselves has obvious parallels to our own? Because to do so would defeat its true purpose: to make fun of the stupid Whites.
Forced integration with niggers happened decades ago now. They forced integration with niggers on the White Nation while they were murdering a bunch of nationalist gooks in Vietnam. And yes, the ZOG knew those gooks were Nationalists; this is confirmed by their own memos.
But the creator still believe they can continue screeching "Marxist," as if that meant a god damn thing. Commies didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation.
This is the point where I usually tell the reader that William Luther Pierce predicted that the "Right" wing of the ZOG as they are being lead to slaughter by White Nationalists. To be a "Commie" to them is to believe Nations are real things at all. "Freedom" for them is the "freedom" to pretend Nations aren't real. This is why jewing your own people is "America's" favorite past-time. That thing called "America" was born of a false-separatism, splitting the real Nation into two. Just like Germany and Austria. That thing called "America" is the English-speaking European Nation's version of Austria. It is pretending people of your same race who speak your same language are alien Others, done for the sole purpose of jewing everyone around you.
>All this "discrimination" in nazi-germany against jews was nothing other than the enforcement of traditional jewish law.
The ZOG-faggot screeches some nonsense about claiming Hitler was a crypto-jew, and then basically says Hitler was awesome, helped close down jew shops on the sabbath. They're not even trying to argue, it's just a game to them.
>They were atheists
Christfaggots would sooner their daughters marry nigger Christians than White atheists. Religion isn't compatible with Nationalism. This is why Hitler had Engelbert Dollfuss killed. This is why most "Austrians" cheered when they overthrew that Catholic 'fascist' regime.
All the screeching about "communism" in the world isn't going to save the "Right" wing of the ZOG from the wrath of the White Nation.
Oh yes, and this happened before WW2. Why not put that into the cartoon bit? Oh, I know why: because to even contemplate that thing called "Austria" for longer than 10 minutes might get people to start wondering. Actual ideas that are hostile to the ZOG can be found nowhere in any of this jew-produced propaganda.
>Ask yourself, which kind of jew we really hate.
The ChristKike. They're the worst ones. The Kikes couldn't do what they have done without the loyal services of millions and millions of ChristKikes, who would send millions of young White men to die, and marry every White woman to a nigger, if they thought it would benefit the Kikes. They'd do in for Brown Points from the Sky-Kike. And they'd think to themselves "Moses was a White Man too. Didn't you watch 10 Commandments?"
>because communism is a violation of the ten commandments.
Moses was his ancestor, because the ZOG schools taught him to identify as an ancient Greek and Roman, while the church taught him to identify with Kikes.
>to derail every effort to solidify some opposition to their rule.
If you were to go out looking for the most opposition you could find to the Kikes amongst young Whites, you'd find them in Commie groups. While the conditions of the German Nation are different from our real Nation, one thing will be the same: the vast majority of the most violent fighters will probably be pulled from the ranks of the 'Beefsteaks': the people that started out as 'Reds' first. After their ZOG-programming, these people are going to be the ones we send to do home invasions, where we kill everyone we find in the house, because they work for the ZOG. Why would I want to 'derail' any effort to recruit these people? We're going to sit them down, and carefully explain to them what a Nation is, and tell them the "Civil Rights" was the forcing of integration with niggers on our real Nation, that the ZOG goes around the planet, telling people they have the right to do whatever they want, because they forced integration with niggers on us. And once the logic of this sinks in their heads, the people shielding the Kikes are going to die first.
>Also: If you have such high standards on cartoons, create them yourself, instead of badmouthing the hard work others.
I expected low-quality stuff with some hard-edge messages. What I go was low-quality stuff meant to insult the intelligence of the viewer. It is a joke, played on young White men, who haven't yet learned how to watch ZOG propaganda.
The reader should take away from this: no one hates the masses of the White Nation more than the "Right" wing of the ZOG. When you like material like this, these people go straight back to the Kikes and say to them "We control them, there is nothing to fear." And these people are right here on Neinchan, posting every day.
>le based rabbis dindu nuffin, goy !

So, why a "Religious jews" support rapefugee flooding into our countries ?
Fucking 1500 rabbis across the US, dude. Not one, two, there, but 1500.
They put their names into this petition (that mean you can try to find them, lol) and basically don't even trying to hide this fact from the Goyim.


It's like there is no difference between "different factions of jews". They're all seek your destruction through race-mixing and rapfugee flooding.
(200.02 KB 1968x1486 the final redpill.jpg)

Robert Bowers did nothing wrong.
First, you should be aware, that there are different kinds of jews. See this rabbi for example:


The first video is the conclusion or TLDR;, the second one is for context, and I'd suggest that you watch it. The short version is, that what happened under National Socialism was well deserved and not aimed at judaism as a religion, but against jews who left judaism and became Commies, and/or destroyed german culture. If you follow his line of argument, you can increase your "antisemitism" while not punishing those few innocents, who only care about their very old traditions. Making this distinction is more in line with National Socialism, than just hating each and every jew on the planet, and also with human decency, because jews exist, and there should be a way for them to exist. You may say, that even they are gods creation, so it must be gods will, that they find their place of being. If you watch the videos, you may find out, that Adolf Hitler tried to help orthodox jewish communities to get their more westernized brethren - which were the perpetrators of the evils you rightfully accuse them of - under control.

I'm not arguing for letting jews off the hook, but for focusing on those (majority) parts of judaism which are guilty, while encouraging the innocent minority. As I said, that's a distinction Adolf Hitler made, and it's just common sense, because targeting innocents will help the guilty ones to pose as innocent if they're persecuted. We also don't hate jews for being jewish, but for being subversives which are poisoning our race and culture. If there are elements within judaism, which also disown those subversives, we can even say "See, you're not even jewish. You're nothing but a criminal, and this is your punishment".

That's something I wanted to point out for a long time. It makes the JQ easier to swallow, if we can point to jewish authorities who are saying the same thing we are saying. It's always best to hear the truth out of the enemies mouth.

Hearing Malcolm X talk about jews and segregation helps more than just railing about niggers.

I am an atheist, which sees merit in (fundamentalist) religions, because they've proven to be able to propagate their ways over large swathes of time. Islam is 1500 years old, and muslims still have religious vigor, and so have (at least some) jews. I may not like those groups, but I consider it to be one of their achievements, that they've been able to exist over millennia. I tend to consider Adolf Hitler to be the second coming of christ, because that's one of the most fundamentalist things you can do in our current world, and I sincerely regret, that my worldview lacks more such fundamentalist religiosity, which would give my life an higher meaning. Even though this higher meaning may be an illusion, being invigorated would be real. At the point we are now, it's hard to even teach our values to our own children, because they're being indoctrinated in school, and we don't provide them with the higher kind of meaning that justifies going against society, if society tries to alienate them from something of higher value. Children grow up with what they see, and they consider it to be normal. When they're in the age for independent thought, they're already integrated into this pit of degenerates, and in most cases don't have the vigor to break free from what became their world.

After reading you, I strongly believe, that you should make the kind of propaganda you want to see. (btw, if you're who I think you are, you're already doing this.) There would be people willing to help you, if you give it a honest try. I do think, that this would be better than badmouthing other creators, because we still don't have enough different kinds of material to point people into our direction, and having at least some material is better than having none. As soon as there is enough good material, low quality stuff will fall off the wagon. You may also underestimate how much effort is necessary to make good quality material, which in my opinion is the main reason, why comprehensive and good material is seldomly made, especially by amateurs. So even if everything you're saying about the Murdoch Murdoch dudes is true, they still serve as a steppingstone, on which people can step in the right direction. Without those stepping stones, there would be an abyss between where people are, and where you and I want them to be.

About the rest I'll need some time to think. I do believe, that the nation is something entirely different than the state, and that there are enough differences among Whites, to warrant different rules for different kinds of people. With this in mind, I'm very skeptical about solutions which lead to one-size-fits-nobody laws, which nationstates have a strong tendency to create. But here we are at the fundamentals about how good laws would be created, which is an entirely different topic. If this restraint would be somehow solved, I'd follow your argument. I have to think about it, as I am doing for quite some time.
>because jews exist, and there should be a way for them to exist.
The Kike identity exists. Hundreds of thousands of ZOG-niggers like pretending to be descendants of Bible-characters. You have a bunch of negroid in Ethiopia who like pretending they're God's Chosen People as well. Millions of Arabs left their country to integrate with the European Kikes who founded a place to LARP in, already populated by stupid Sand Niggers.
"Israel" is nothing. There is Kike DNA. If only! Maybe there really could be a way to spread a virus and wipe them all off the planet without a world war. But no, there isn't.
The Ashkenazi jew isn't unique. The European Kikes did to the rest of Europe what the Arab Kikes have done to their real people for 70 years now. The Tutsi and Hima among the negroids did the same thing to the other nigger populations around them. The Manchu did it to the Han. It took those gooks centuries to wake up and overthrow them. How long is the White Man going to put up with that fictional thing called "America?" How long is the White Man going to pretend the Cohen-stitution gives him "rights?"
The Soviets failed to integrate their Kikes, whereas the Han integrated them into themselves. We're not going to make that mistake.
The only hope for the individual Kike now is to run. Drop the Kike-identity now, flee to somewhere you think you can integrate into now. Change your name. Never tell anyone in the world you ever identified as a Kike. Make up any lies necessary. If we find you, and you're acting like a Kike, or openly identifying as one, we're going to kill you and your family. And no where on the planet will be safe for you, for generations to come.
>There is Kike DNA
There is no Kike DNA
I'm asking myself who the next parasite would be, should we get rid of the kikes.
I hope parasites around the world get offended when people use their species to describe kikes
(49.46 KB 835x557 180720-parasite-full.jpg)
In a harmonious, dharmic social order where all act according to their natural states of being and from their natural place in hierarchy there is no parasitism.
>In a harmonious, dharmic social order where all act according to their natural states of being and from their natural place in hierarchy there is no parasitism.

There's parasitism in nature. Ticks exist.
This is referring to kike-type parasitism, which is fundamentally different than animal behavior.
But humans are animals, and cruelty is very common in nature.

In my opinion the natural thing is happening. White genocide is a form of purging selection for Whites, which are not susceptible to whatever influences are causing our demise. After those who are susceptible have been purged, a new game begins.
I fucking love this series.
Everyone has a gay little theory, but that's not how it works. In reality we just get dragged down by the lowest common denominator.
>We also don't hate jews for being jewish, but for being subversives which are poisoning our race and culture. If there are elements within judaism, which also disown those subversives
The essence of jewishness is parasitic behavior. You cannot separate the two. The existence of jews playing both sides doesn't mean much. This sounds like some new meme version of dems are the real raycists.
> In reality we just get dragged down by the lowest common denominator.
If the lowest common denominator is being White, and the definition of Whites includes suicidal traitors, we have to get rid of suicidal traitors. Suicidal traitors don't become suicidal traitors because they want it, but because they're brainwashed into it. So we either have to get rid of the brainwashing, or let evolution sort it out, and end up with people not responsive to brainwashing techniques, because everyone else either dies or becomes a mongrel, and dies when SHTF and welfare ceases to exist.

>The essence of jewishness is parasitic behavior. You cannot separate the two.
Assuming, that there are jews, which would fully support the nuremberg laws, support wearing something along the lines of the jewish star, support segregation between jews and everyone else, disavow jewish influence in media, hollywood, politics, banking, and so on, while still being fundamentalist jews - Would you mind about them?

You know, something along the lines of jews acting like the amish - with segregation from the general society being their highest priority. Assuming, that those jews exist - why would you hate them, if all they want is being left alone, so they can follow their religion within their own communities without interference from the general public, and without interfering into the affairs of the general public?

We're not talking hypothetical here. I do believe, that such branches of judaism exist, and can be found among the ultraorthodox fundamentalist ones. Not all of them are like this, but some are, and those jews see Adolf Hitler as the just punishment for leaving judaism, and in their opinion Adolf Hitler did not act against jews, but was an act of god to punish those who left judaism, which, by their standards, most so-called jews did. According to them, those that were killed, were killed by an act of god because they were godless traitors. Which, according to them, more than 90% of all so-called jews are. Those jews also consider israel to be an illegitimate abomination, because the real israel has to be a theocracy, within which jewish laws are still applied. You know, with a jewish king and all the good old punishments out of the old testament.

Assuming, that those jews exist, why would you put them in the same categories as Commies, feminists, media-jews, atheist cultural-marxists, and so on? Or do you think, that such jews don't exist?

To me this sounds like disavowing niggers that are all for segregation and a black ethnostate. Honestly, I'd be more friendly with those niggers, than with White leftists.
Evolution won't sort it out. Everything that is happening here has happened already in Brazil and South Africa. Race mixing doesn't leave you with a small group of super-Whites. Everything just gets worse, and they remaining ones are easily predated.

>assuming that there were a few jews who didn't jew you like jews, would they be baste?
Sounds like you've taken the hypothetical fantasy pill, fren.
>Evolution won't sort it out.
Evolution will sort everything out. Evolution will favor whatever is immune towards jewish parasitism. Maybe that's nothing but nigger-apes. But evolution will solve this problem one way or the other.

>Everything just gets worse, and they remaining ones are easily predated.
I do think, that strong and good Whites exist, but most of our kind is nothing but a bunch of welfare-loving degenerate leftists, which is leeching off and holding back, what's still good in our race. Before we can get rid of jews and thirdworlders, we must get rid of those White degenerates.

>Sounds like you've taken the hypothetical fantasy pill, fren.
Not really. I've tried to define, what kind of judaism I'd like all jews to follow, so I can point out exactly what they're doing wrong, and how they should behave, if they dislike being hated. I found out, that one may not like the ultraorthodox radical ones, but they're not subversives, just as ISIS is not subversive. As a matter of fact, I think, that we should stop larping and become fundamentalists, just like those religious fanatics. It fits into the narrative of radicalization and segregation instead of assimilation.
It's not jewing to say, that White cucks are the ones who are inviting jews and all the other parasites who parasite on us.

Do you really want to live in the same country as those who invited the parasite?

Nah. The world is gonna balkanize, and those who will tolerate White cucks and soybitches are also going to endure niggers and shitskins, because the former will invite the latter. Muh human beings, and such.

If you want to keep those cucks within your communities, when things balkanize, be my guest. I'll send you mine.
(86.92 KB 800x680 popcorn.jfif)
New Murdoch Murdoch https://cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/In%20the%20Court%20of%20the%20Optics%20King.html Personally, I think this was spot on. Optics are not an excuse the change your entire message. The Murdocch-chan story line was perfect. Even if you do want to infiltrate/subvert society, you still need a broad base of support who are explicitly pro-White. The only weird thing was the catboy stuff. Fuentes did a stream with a comedian who does gay cat shit for the lulz and a bunch of leftist Plebbitors started spamming everywhere that Fuentes was secretly gay. And although Fuentes is a shill who constantly tries to deradicalise people and who I think will eventually sell out, he is very explicitly anti-gay.
>>20348 >anti-gay You aren't seeing some of the irony of optics here. Is he for tolerance without marriage, or is he for a final solution to gays?
>>20348 >tolerance without marriage He is anti-gay in general. I think he supports making homosexuality illegal. >or is he for a final solution to gays? No, because muh optics. Here's a clip of him talking about gays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynadscU79oU You can never take him too seriously though. When the media asks him about these comments, he always walks back on them.
(38.48 KB 546x513 fuentes sister.jpg)
>>20361 Aye caramba burrito andale andale arrrriba
>>20361 Where in the Murdoch video was marriage brought up? You're making a tolerance stance out to be a marriage stance.
>>20361 meant for >>20359
Where's this months episode of Murdoch Murdoch?
>>17495 keep MM to one thread create a general thread for it but dont bump 2 threads about the exact same thing on this very slow board
>>33258 We already told him yesterday after he opened a new thread, so he found this older one and bumped it. I noticed he opened the same thread in many other places, including 4cuck, so I guess the guy just goes to places to advertise MM updates and doesn't care about any particular board.
(51.66 KB 1440x1080 Wizards_Bros.jpeg)
New Murdoch Murdoch Episode is out! https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/murdoch/wizards-bros/ Plz share.
>>35191 watched yesterday, not bad. the previous ones were meh.
(900.05 KB 1492x1801 MM AG.jpg)
>>42571 Please kill yourself.
>>42571 A poorly drawn flash cartoon happens to be better than every single piece of shit propaganda shat out by Hollyjew, Pedoflix and the rest of Talmudvision. Go back to bunkertrannychan
Kek. Admin of the helicoptarian server here. Just looked through my server-logs. And... One of you puts an www in front of .onion urls. That's funny.
>>17495 Thanks, WTF does the name mean, I get the helicopter meme, but, whats the rest.
>>43331 Whats your .onion URL anyways? Would like to bookmark it.
>>43459 Second this request
>>43459 >>43480 >.onion url I'll make one, even though I guess, that tor will be too slow for the videos, and swastikastrike won't run under torbrowser in any case.
As requested, here's the .onion link to the helicoptarian archive: http://vy3a3yk3yc66ddxc7hc352lepuif3rvpmfvn2p7kqcun2d4ewvptkrad.onion/murdoch/ I suspect, that tor is going to be too slow for such large files, but we'll see. Enjoy, and let me know, how it works for you.


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