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(19.75 KB 282x179 download.jpg)
Rules/meta moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 01:11:33 Id:62c836 No. 983
we have to say this because muh laws but we all know how it is This message is part of official neinchan terms of service Global rules still apply everything on this site is satire and not to be taken serious IMPORTANT REMINDER: this is a Minecraft fansite and any material, actions or ideas expressed here are referring to doing or expressing something within the videogame "Minecraft" Users are responsible for any misunderstandings that may occur 1. Keep topics close to politics any non political threads will be banned examples of non political threads >how can whitey compete > btfo x >x is correct b/c Y Btfo > fag fag fag fag Fag one liners like >individualism sets us free (link) (no argument) spam, excessive gore for no reason , and disruptive threads 2. No porn/scat PERIOD you will get banned if you post any. Posting ANY CP will get your posts deleted and any info related to you will be posted on site 3. raids are allowed as long as you dont do illegal shit 4. No planning violent attacks or attacks 5. normalniggers need to fuck off 6. Avoid advertising other boards unless relevant to the conversation or discussion 7. plebbit spacing = post deleted "x is police state"=post deleted "Wow."= post deleted "bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted "any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted supporting or being a subhuman (subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views. [definition may be subject to change]) = permanent ban 8. any website with "8" in the name is not allowed to be advertised here 9) rule Nein = By clicking "POST", or "REPLY", you are acknowledging the existence of the israeli nuclear arsenal. 10. dont do anything illegal, neinchan is not responsible for user content, the user themselves are responsible for what they upload/post to the site if you upload any content to the site or make a post you agree with these terms of service
Edited last time by blackjack on 08/10/2020 (Mon) 12:09:50.
no gore? come on man, life is messy, you should allow it if it's topical/relevant in some way.

just think about when those leftist go backpacking in other countries, it's important to see shit like that for it is the reality of life and gives more power to events taking place everyday.

I complete agree though if it's posted in an effort to derail or bury a conversation. That should be unilaterally understandable.
sorry should rephrase that to excessive gore for no reason
that is why I left that open for reply
> gore? come on man, life is messy, you should allow it if it's topical/relevant in some way.
No one has been banned for relevant gore (i.e. tarrant). He's talking about cartel gore, etc.
no worries man, i wasn't clear what was being said there and figured if i was going to bug you about it i might as well make my argument at the same time.
np rules are still up in the air somewhat, this site needs stability, and to do that we need annons and jannies to agree on rules
time for the euros to take over for the night
This slide thread asshole must be a bot, can't we ban?
(20.48 KB 400x400 idea light bulb.jpg)
gore and scat should be banned. only gore related to an event, like maybe a pic of the dead las vegas shooter if there is a thread specifically about that should be allowed.

all this /b/ tier pedo posting bs needs to get banned. im sick of these faggots trying to skate the edge. ban them

there has been someone posting thread after thread non-stop of anti-government articles. it is likely a fed trying to claim this site is purely an anti-government site. there is nothing wrong with criticizing the feds, but 100 fucking treads popping up about bs from years ago is an obvious op and needs to be banned.

anti-Christian bs needs to be banned. im sick of pagan faggots and satanists doing the jews work in our circles. debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off. im sick of these idiots.
I don't know exactly how much is difficult to manage and work with anonymous image boards . . . Is it possible to ban all bot posters permanently? Sorry if this question sound retarded for you, but i just want to know that if you don't mind.
eat shit faggot
Ban the retard/bot who keeps spamming threads, preferably introduce capcha

Gore even unrelated ,will make the normies run away.

>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned
There is no need to ban them, they can be mildly annoying but then again must things here can be annoying.
I did
>anti-Christian needs to be banned
We illustrated how you're a servant of the people oppressing you - and your response is to try and censor us. We explained how your (((faith))) and your goals conflict. How racial pride and natioalism are utterly incompatible with Christianity. How the Bible specifically undermines the very things that hold a nation together - and your response is to censor us.

How very shocking - exactly like another group of people I could name.
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned. im sick of pagan faggots
There needs to be room in our tent for both. If they are willing to help whites, they are welcome at my side.

>then again must things here can be annoying
Fellow oldfag detected.

>We explained how your (((faith))) and your goals conflict
Everyone cherry picks their holy book. We need to teach them to remember that their bible was the same one that the crusaders read.
Trying to be a good imageboard anon, tried reporting posts, can't complete the captcha, always expired, tried to speedrun it in a few seconds, still expired.
(285.08 KB 351x750 pagan hitler.png)
What's with the "connection failed" error?

You're the one needing banned, if anything. Or preferably just shit on by the entire rest of the board until you lurk two more years. Go promote kike mind control somewhere else.
its an issue we are working on I have banned the boomer for sliding for a day we have a specific thread set up for those topics he should post in there
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned.
Fuck you and your Kike-loving faggot religion.
>im sick of pagan faggots and satanists doing the jews work in our circles.
Pagans didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. Not even the Kikes pulled that off. It was the Christfaggots. They did it for their fellow nigger Christfaggots.
this jew specifically should be banned
you didn't illustrate anything other than being exactly what i said should be banned. as usual the anti-Christians response is dishonest
>debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off.
no debate, no data, no good faith arguments, or constructive attitudes, just name calling and whining

this is why boards go to shit
>i live kikes and niggers
Go fuck yourself, Christfaggot.
>as usual the anti-Christians response is dishonest
This is the purest form of projection. Christfaggots are systematically lying. They do not believes in Nations, they don't believe in race, they come to places like this simply to manipulate people they think are stupid.
The Christfaggot identity precludes Nationalism from the get-go. You can not be a Nationalist and a Christfaggot.
The Christfaggots will come here and say "Kike kike kike" one day, and go somewhere else and say "Jews are our fellow White Blood Brothers" somewhere else. They don't believe in any of this shit, and see it as an opportunity for them.
Every time Christfaggots dominate stupid people with their deceptions, especially when it comes to opposing Kikes, they go right back to the Kike masters and say "Look, they're retards, we got them doing X and saying Y, which helps you!"
The Christfaggot thinks he is getting brownie points with the Sky Kike for deceiving people. Make no mistake, if the Christfaggot thought someone here was going to shoot up a Synagogue, or even do anything violent against the ZOG, they would immediately go to the FBI.
This is not something that is recent. The whole history of the ZOG is filled with this type of behavior from Christfaggots. The government recruits Christfaggots to do this, and pay them handsome sums of money.
Can we have 2-No porn and no form of (any partial) nudity as well?
Certain things you can only explain with porn pictures, bitch.

That's like fishing without water, then no one can understand what fishing is.

America is in fact a Blacked-oriented country now, and they want it for the whole world.

How can you explain the US culture without some pics of nigger street sucking in public?

Don't try to control the narrative here like Jews do.

This is US culture.
strawman and most of your post is incoherent babble as is typical of the backwards mutt sperg.
No, it is not US culture, or ANYONE's culture anywhere. Not in Africa, not in the USA, not in the Middle East.

It is a perversion that has been rammed down the throats of the world by a small group of exceedingly violent and perverse demonspawn who are rapidly running out of facades behind which to hide.

When the bot is removed, the skin returns to health.

So, I say on behalf of all mankind, goodbye, foreign parasite.
Homo detected.

Zero percent of anything useful is EVER explained with porn pictures.


>Zero percent of anything useful is EVER explained with porn pictures.
I'm inclined to agree. Everyone knows how degenerate "American" culture is already, there is no need to show the ZOG spreading videos of white women fucking niggers, almost everyone on the planet is familiar with this by now.
If you need to make a reference to it, text is a fine medium to convey it. Also, if a person absolutely must, I don't see anything wrong with posting a URL and a warning to sexually explicit content. But even then, I'm at a loss to see any actual reason to do that.
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned
Hey, new fag, fuck off with your religion of niggers.
pagans and christians are both welcome here as long as degeneracy is not promoted for either religion
this post is glowing
You are such a fucking faggot. You want your sky-god to be shilled all day, and have no one say anything. You are (if not a literal kike) a spiritual kike and deserve whatever hell you get.

/Pol/ is a board for anons, the people. It is a board of thinkers. It is NOT a fucking board for sheep who pray all day to inactive/dead skygods, you fucking teenage faggot.
Are you suggesting the ZOG is pushing atheism? What a stupid faggot you are.
Yes I am a cia nigger for using this board before the rapefugees came and took over. This board is pagan and will always be pagan.
(82.51 KB 300x194 cia_zigger.png)
>rule thread
>skydaddy brawl
ban all these niggers
'Being legally allowed to do things doesn't mean you 'ought to do them.' That's the beauty of free speech, in essence it offers you a beautiful pure length of rope made from time and a tree that you grew with your first exhaled breath that contained sound loaded with meaning. I am autistic and I enjoy swimming through a forest of free speech trees and the 'not actually that strange fruit' that hangs upon them. But be real, you hang on your own tree, with your own rope and it's your own hanging by your own seeds if it all goes to fire from the air you gave a kindling sound. Odin understood this according to my ancestors and I understand it as a sperg on a fucking yew tree of genetic longevity. That quote was written by 'G.K. Chesterton. A man of rare appetite and an even rarer love for solidly committed cunts of mad faith in free speech and free thought. A fat Jesuit he was. A moderator of the freedom of people to hang their hat on their mad thoughts or beliefs, he was never. He had both in spades and he died believing free speech is an axis upon which men and women turn to their own fate. Vikings of my people believed the same.
nah you low iq glows hijacked it with your autistic infighting and shit flinging

(33.55 KB 600x600 christianity.png)
(822.77 KB 2400x1598 white-supremacists1.jpg)
Both of you niggers need to quit baiting the other and get along for the sake of the white race. We need all the allies we can get, not a bunch of fucking children pointing at each other.
>Doesn't know who devised atheism.

I did. I realised independently at a young age that religion is bullshit. It was a later revelation that 'I am my own god.' I exist. I have created life. Why do I need your god(s), when I am all I need?
>Why do I
if you need to ask, don't bother
(71.38 KB 474x734 download.jpeg.jpg)
I use to rule the world...
Not convinced, tbh
I am
(50.07 KB 600x600 exaltedclass.png)
Christians are at best unconscious allies of the jews and enemies of nature, so how can they be our allies as well?
>Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds.

...so they make mentally ill people amongst us (((consultors)))?
ZOG works with degenerates! Degenerates are easy to bribe and blackmail.
I think you should doxx CP propagators to the other anons, or do some other procedure in this realm of action...

did we say we wouldn't
Do it do it do it. That's the most lulzy shit I have heard in a while. Would rank up there with hwndu.
Is doxing allowed?

doxxing is allowed (as far as I know) as long as the target is a degenerate piece of shit who deserves getting doxxed. Pedos and the like are my personal favorites because it feels like a win when we find one and send evidentiary infographics to the family, after tipping off the authorities of course.
(53.39 KB 571x618 reddit.png)
I would like to apologize to all of you, because all of you are my brothers and sisters. just listen to this, all of you'll know what's going on.
HAHAHAHAHA i'm laughing at that shit.
Love ya all for the rest of my life, god bless your life
As a Christian (though not a good one, I guess), I have to disagree on banning anti-Christian threads. It sucks reading things you care about being dragged through the mud, but there are good points on both sides. The jews and their media fight against the positive, anti degenerate parts of Christianity, so yeah, I get that proper Christian beliefs are being shit on by that way of thinking. On the other hand, the pagans and what-not have a seriously unavoidable point about all this gay-ass pacifism and acceptance stuff that is taken WAY too far these days. Christianity is my religion, but all this cuck shit of letting invaders desecrate and destroy the fruits of whites without penance needs to go. Christians used to be some conquering motherfuckers and when the pagan calls present Christianity cucked, I can't help but agree and feel shame for what we've become.
8chan users looking for new platforms
agans by this day and age should have an effective solution to the problem but thedy dont
>anti-Christian bs needs to be banned.
as do the christcuck threads. these topics should either be relegated to a single general thread or a /rel/ board needs to be created. i am here to discuss politics, current events and history - all without the filter of political correctness. there is nothing "politically incorrect" about believing/disbelieving in any particular faith
ban first time offenders posting a duplicate thread for 24 hours as a mild warning.

the captcha is still not working to report
actually agree, the religion threads are D&C anyway, there is only 1 truly evil religion which is intrinsically linked to a genetic group of jews. White men can bicker about whose religion is better after the root has been ripped out.
Also agreed with this one but forgot to add it.

Btw can we get a /v/ for our gamergate refugees again, I liked dropping in some /v/ threads when I wanted to forget about politics for a bit. I'll even advertise on halfchan /v/ to get some of them back.
(564.96 KB 1541x1158 rome_christianity.gif)
(280.47 KB 909x724 pagan_larp.jpg)
>im sick of pagan faggots and satanists doing the jews work in our circles.
>doing the jews work

You literally doing the jews work by worshiping "reformed judaism" known as "christianity".
(121.19 KB 726x564 1567581855987.jpg)
2 Timothy 3:12 In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

Read the bible, anon.

don't worry guys, paganism has all the solutions!
Whites are part of the cause. They are collaborators. Don't D&C youself. Stop protecting the white elites. THIS GUY IS A SHILL FOR THE WHITE ELITES DO NOT LET THEM SPREAD ON NEINCHAN ANY D&C PROPAGANDA. If they continue abandon them and go ove to Communism.
Whites are part of the cause. They are collaborators. Don't D&C youself. Stop protecting the white elites. THIS GUY IS A SHILL FOR THE WHITE ELITES DO NOT LET THEM SPREAD ON NEINCHAN ANY D&C PROPAGANDA. If they continue abandon them and go ove to Communism.
Whites are part of the cause. They are collaborators. Don't D&C youself. Stop protecting the white elites. THIS GUY IS A SHILL FOR THE WHITE ELITES DO NOT LET THEM SPREAD ON NEINCHAN ANY D&C PROPAGANDA. If they continue abandon them and go ove to Communism.
Ah it only happens on http, works fine on https. You should force https-only tbh.
Reporting posts and solving captcha doesn't work at all for me in http or https (using brave)
(210.58 KB 1624x963 clit.jpg)
(557.79 KB 1650x2118 gorillaworfare.jpg)
(366.85 KB 459x596 Homemade molotov cocktails.jpg)
(590.73 KB 990x2325 MGIGguide.jpg)
(64.43 KB 1091x288 molotov.png)
(73.13 KB 454x718 tampon molotov.jpg)
(389.78 KB 800x1200 Thermiteguide.png)
(39.49 KB 1776x342 your molotov sucks bra.png)
the shotshell is the blasting cap
(1.12 MB 894x894 ok buddy.png)

Get this illegal shit off of /pol/, or else /pol/ will keep getting taken down.
(1.21 MB 894x894 ok buddy 2.png)
You didn't check my dubs.
(1.07 MB 894x894 ok buddy 3.png)
>I'm not a newfag! You're a faggot nigger!
OK, kid.
>self-censor or let the censors do it for you!
I'd rather let the censors do it for me. Also this is war, faggot.
lol you mad
kek you irate
We all need to remember, those that hate whites will constantly try to divide us on minor issues like religion, or the ever-annoying "are [fill in cousin here] really white?" crap. They will then have cronies pretending to argue for or against, with the only real goal being dividing us.
I don't have a problem with a nice set of tits in a pic, or nudity in general, but pics depicting the act of fucking are not helpful in any way.

Also, of course, CP needs banned, bestiality needs banned, homo shit should be banned, and race-mixing (which is also bestiality) should be banned.
How They Created A Culture Of Degenerates
In all fairness, the "who is white" discussions will, being the hallmark of many important decisions, continue to be brought up frequently until there is one single accepted definition of whites. On top of that, proposing any definition seems to make one a D&C shill, such as Nordicists having a "too tight" definition, and "white Hispanics" having a "too broad" definition. The question is so sensitive, that I may even be accused of being a shill for trying to somewhat address even the parameters of the question.

Even if a seemingly good definition comes up, like "European," or "colorful eyes," you have the torrents of other arguments like "what about Cubans, they have less non-Euro admixture than Meds, Slavs, and Celts, by the way are those white" and "Romans had brown eyes!" coming out, with their own fractal clarifying questions. Thus, it prevents a one single accepted definition of whites being formed, which in turn births the frequent conversations on who is and isn't white. However, if whites do want to operate cohesively, a "seems white" approach will not work against the D&C. Finally, I hope the admins consider both sides, the importance of the question and the potential for fractal obscurity, while making rules on how much to discourage or encourage the topic. If there is a golden ratio, I hope they find it.
>In all fairness, the "who is white" discussions will, being the hallmark of many important decisions, continue to be brought up frequently until there is one single accepted definition of whites.
Once you accept that Nations are real things, this becomes a trivial matter.
It doesn't matter how much a Dane in Denmark fits the model of a what a European is or isn't. He speaks a different language, he belongs to a different European Nation. There are a whole bunch of them.
This immediately makes most issues disappear (Ashkenazi Jews in Israel white? No, they're dead.) The only remaining questions are internal ones to the Nation-State; is the English-speaking person European enough to belong?
In the beginning phases of the White Nation Liberation War, this will be settled by simply who is and is not willing to die for the White Nation. In a post revolutionary Nation-State, other considering will likely be entertained, and will probably change over time. I imagine it will be probably be a 1/8th rule for those mixed with Africans, 1/4 with everyone else, and 1/2 for most North Africans, Arabs, etc. Special cases can be made for certain ethnic groups, in terms of people who might be allowed to immigrate, but I imagine this being the rule for people who want to bring back their children.
You leave the territory of the White Nation-State, have children with a nigger, you can't bring back a half-nigger. Your half nigger can't bring their mixed-Euro kid either, but if that grandkid had a kid with a European, that European could come, because no one would be able to tell the difference anymore, and besides, if something 1/8th black didn't want to live around niggers anymore and wanted to immigrate to a country controlled by English-speaking European National Socialists, well, they're probably better 99% of most normalfags already here.

Yeah, after the WNLW I assume the 1/8th Nuremberg laws would be taken into consideration for 1st and 2nd mixed children. Though who knows. Most of "A drop will suffice" or "1/16th is still too much" comes from mixing with Jew blood, and I'm sympathetic with that view. Though I've never expanded that line of thinking to mixlings of other races, really didn't need to.

Perhaps its just my last sliver of White Mans Sympathy, but I'd side with 1/8th for nigger, 1/4th for everyone else.

Plenty of memeing comes from "The Irish aren't white" or "Those Italians are just Arab rape babies" etc. etc. but some take it seriously, which is how I immediately know they are lacking in the required knowledge. Anyone who's actually read what they are spreading would know that all it matters is A) are you a White-skinned European and B) are you willing to fight and die in the WNLW. Literally nothing else matters at this point.

I mean good ol' Uncle Mason has a tinge of Irish blood in him, so does that devalue him and Siege? Gimme a break.

>1/8th black didn't want to live around niggers anymore and wanted to immigrate to a country controlled by English-speaking European National Socialists, well, they're probably better 99% of most normalfags already here.

Yeah, I'd second with you there. Though I cannot WAIT to watch as these normalfags inform on their race-mixing neighbors after the WNLW. I could cry tears of joy thinking about it...
I see you placed captchas.
Kinda annoying to be honest.
true, but /b just got nuked cuz of spam, so i guess there's a connection
Can we also ban tarrant threads?
Glorifying this scumbag is just as bad as planing actual attacks.
(114.99 KB 1000x563 brown golems rekt.jpg)

Do you suffer schizophrenia, semitic bio-trash ?
Take your meds.
> Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds.
what is CP?
Endchan's /pol/ is back.

hey BO,
possible to split threads here?
the Brenton Tarrant thread's kind of derailed from this post onward

it would be much better to move everything afterwards here
Go back to cuckchan, useless mongoloid.
child p0rn
(14.02 MB 1280x720 FBI_Anon_Knock_and_Talk.mp4)
don't post threats
don't post your weapons
don't post bomb making instructions
don't incite violence
(1.60 MB 1500x1500 COUNTER_FED_ROE.png)
(999.24 KB 1280x720 COUNTER_FED_ROE.webm)

don't post threats
don't post your weapons
don't post bomb making instructions
don't incite violence

Watch from 40:44 https://youtube.com/watch?v=b2d7aaL-vr4
>A white national socialist movement needs to make good, attractive, easily digested propaganda red pills that are targeted at law enforcement, police, and military.
I'm going to pretend this a serious proposition, even though I don't think it is. In fact, if one were to try to do anything suggested here, here is what would happen.
1. Retarded group thinks they can recruit police officers. Creates propaganda for them. Gives them to police.
2. Police take them. They themselves either send in their own spies, or pass the information straight to the FBI, who sends in their own spies.
3. Now you invited the ZOG into your organization, and they will keep tabs on you, or destroy you if you get out of line.
This is exactly what would happen.
For recruiting people in the military, the mind-set of a police officer in the ZOG is different from someone caught up in their military apparatus. ZOG-thugs (police) are trained to view the public like animals, but the military is indoctrinated to believe they're fighting for "freedom" and other stupid shit. It certainly may be more possible to recruit military and ex-military people, and I would say the chances of these people turning in an organization are probably (more or less) than same as recruiting a random ZOG-ling turning you into the police (which is to say, pretty high). Recruiting police into your organization is to invite certain death and/or political irrelevance.
>radical violent national socialist movement will have to fight, and will be slaughtered by. Im not trying to say such a movement should preach pacifism
This actually is what the OP is suggesting.
The truth is we have the advantage the guerrilla has. We can choose when and where to strike, something the ZOG security apparatus can not take away from us.
We can also pursue other tactics. Revolutionary White Nationalists literally have millions and millions of non-white targets to attack. These people should be considered farms for a revolutionary White Nationalist guerrilla movement, and anyone in need of some quick cash should not hesitate to kill them, as these types of crimes are nearly impossible for the ZOG to solve in most situations. This includes all Boomers as well.
this guy gets it


Every gun picture uploaded to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter is being automatically scanned using OCR and its serial number is now stored.

To prove that this data mining was happening, The Firearm Blog used examples of gun pictuers they had posted to their blogs—and thus of which they had the serial numbers. They typed in the serial numbers and nothing else (no gun make or model, etc) and immediately Google showed them their own blog post with that exact gun in it.

Google had read the practically microscopic serial number from off the gun in their blog post and had used that data mining to add the serial number to their database.

Google is archiving these serial numbers and making a collection of every gun that’s ever been uploaded to the internet. Granted, not every picture of every gun will be readable by their software, but the fact remains that they likely have pictures of millions and millions of American guns stored with their serial numbers in this searchable database.

As you can see from the results below, firearm serial numbers are in fact part of this apparent large-scale data mining operation by companies like Google and Facebook.

Tests were also run on silencer serial numbers, and google pulled up the correct image of those, as well. If you put the serial number in quotes in your search, Google is forced to look only for that string of numbers. And it pulled the silencer image up in seconds.


should probably start a thread in /k/ for this just for visibility.

i came here to bitch and moan about lack of pdf support. lol..again....like i said i wouldn't. :)
>likely have pictures of millions and millions of American guns
pictures yes and with these pictures the unique camera lens characteristics which can be compared with your normie pictures taken with the same camera you have uploaded elsewhere.
that's the worrying thing,
but reading the serial, sorry that's bullshit, even the most advanced OCR systems are not that capable. they have already enough problems reading license plates if for example the lighting is bad.
naturally the pagan conveniently omits the part that says, "debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off."
"debate, with data, in a constructive and fair way, or fuck off."

were the terms proposed. threads without data that are just satanic and pagan rants without substance are useless. you cant force these people to educate themselves, but you can ban uneducated posts.
Greeting Citizens,

In an effort to purge the boomerbot, ive been shoah'ing the following types of posts/threads:

plebbit spacing = post deleted
"x is police state"=post deleted
"Wow."= post deleted
"bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted
"any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted

Please avoid posting in the fashions listed above, and your posts will not be deleted, if it reads like a boomerbot demoralization blackpill shill post, it will be shoah'd.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping keep neinchan booomerbot free, Citizen.

That is all.
>We need to teach them to remember that their bible was the same one that the crusaders read.
>debate about the replacement of your people and the erasure of your culture, goy
No. What a waste of dubs.
I think it's more likely that the printing press would have worked against the establishment. Just like the internet sparking the information age now, and mass media TV allowing Hitler to rally an entire country with broadcasted speeches, I think that information revolutions probably tend to be bad for world Jewery.
>(((he))) implies there weren't books before the printing press

Why were IDs turned off?
For the common man? It isn’t hilarious to you that the crushes stopped shortly after thousands of Gutenberg bibles were distributed?
Thanks for answering.
To be honest I don't mind filling captchas, as long as they work tough.
Yeah captchas are set to expire every 30sec but In reality it's only like 10secs might see if it works when I just make the time higher
I can fix this issue by opening developer toolbar (F12 on most browsers) -> Applications bar on the top -> Cookies entry of menu on the left -> Right click and delete the neinchan.com cookies

This usually fixes the "Reloading" issue. Sometimes I have to refresh the page too.
(653.48 KB 1199x1600 tradbf.png)
White Front (Bulgaria) / Бял фронт
Site: www.bfront.org
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WhiteFront1
Telegram - t.me/Whitefrontbulgaria
Great to see, wish you the best my friends, regards from scandinavia.

Good luck in all your ventures. Remember to keep your minds clear and never give in to hardships, be like steel and remember only good comes out of correctly applied effort.
(278.65 KB 2500x1250 winnie-the-pooh.jpg)
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
>expired captcha
is this a joke?
It’s unironically been better than usual lately, but it’s really fucking annoying. Try refreshing the page and filling it out a few more times and then it usually goes through. I wish the admins would fix this though
I feel your pain.
I cannot report spammers because of this.
At least for posting I can close the tab and reopen it to make it work.
This board is being taken over by Commies but it's impossible to report them since the report button literally doesn't work on this website.
>This board is being taken over by Commies
ZOG-faggots trying to moderate an anonymous imageboard because they don't like having to debate why they love Kikes so much, lmao.
Go duckduck go
(3.03 MB 218x272 hillary_triggered.gif)
Posting is fine for me.
But... I can't report things too.
Rule 7 needs changed. We need to be able to support Honorary Aryans (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, White Khazarians).
edit: rule nein added
Nice, just got any kike shill fired for posting here.
>Implying Israeli nuclear arsenal is not just a psyop to scare goyim
>Not putting "By clicking "POST", or "REPLY", you are acknowledging that the Holocaust never happened
Holo what?
he means holopoopoo
a horrible event where many indian poos did not end up in the loo
LMAO I'm banned until 3507 for being a bot? Mods, don't be fucking ridiculous.
read the second line brainlet
I read the second line, dumbass. Still banned.
Scat spam in the catalog
We need a rule against pro-violence anti-natalist glownigging. The shill that advocates for terrorism and says you shouldn't have White children seems like he's a bot/schlomo with his repetitive and winding responses.
>his repetitive and winding responses.
Sounds like (((you)))
What's with all the anti-Israel shareblue shilling going on? We should ban this type of anti-Israel bigotry in the rules. Israel deserves to exist as much as the White nation does.
>We need a rule against pro-violence anti-natalist glownigging.
The ZOG-faggots desperately seek to control what kind of discussion is allowed. Their end-goal is a kind of narrative-policing, which simply forbids any sort of thoughts leading to actions that the ZOG doesn't want. They want an internet devoid of any serious dissent from the ZOG, with spaces like Neinchan presenting themselves as some kind of anti-establishment place, where ZOG-lovers feed you bullshit under the guise of actually hating the government.
Their problem, of course, is that simply having any place where the discussion of the Kike domination of the White Nation naturally lends itself to what can be done about it. And it is, after a bit of thought, fairly obvious there is no political solution possible in that thing called "America." The only solution is White Nationalist revolution.
>The shill that advocates for terrorism
I don't advocate for "terrorism." That implies I want to 'terrify' the ZOG into doing something. We must absolutely and utterly annihilate them. We don't want to 'terrify' them into enacting some policy we want. We want them dead. The White Nation Liberation War is a life and death struggle. Either that thing called "America" will die so the White Nation will live, or the White Nation will die so that walking corpse called "America" can continue existing for a few more decades. Even if they are successful in replacing the vast majority of the population with non-Whites, they will still never hold that thing called "America" together. It will be destroyed by non-White faction fighting, even if the ZOG manages to crush any White Nationalist movement.
>and says you shouldn't have White children
Anyone who would care about their children would never allow them to grow up in the ZOG in the first place. You would have to hate your own child to force them to grow up in the ZOG.
I noticed the same.
Hey rabbi, what are you trying to do?
>I don't advocate for "terrorism." That implies I want to 'terrify' the ZOG into doing something. We must absolutely and utterly annihilate them.
Hey man, question: could you delete some comments made by a friend of mine? He's having issues with authorities at the moment and my IP is different so even though I own his board for now I can't delete them
You shut your swarmy kike mouth
just link them and we will delete these posts per our "anti hate" policy
fucking hell thats a lot of posts
ill just gib u instructions
make sure you are logged into the acc that owns the board and click on the yellow arrow next to a post it should give you options like ban and delete
if this doesnt work just tell me and ill see if i can do something
Yeah I tried that and I can delete things on his board but not on /pol/ where he made those
not the admin but he used tor right?
now way to prove it was him i hard he sperged a bit but just tell him to stay cool and deny
>but he used tor right?
Wrong. Now what?
Thanks a lot man. My friend and I both owe you for that. Hope you're doing good
Everything is fine lad just since your mate had fuckery with the glows we've started using tor exclusively
Luckily nothing illegal is happening since everything here is about things in Minecraft
Wouldn't want any misunderstandings about that
Phew, good to know. I was worried this was a political discussion forum.
neincraft amirite
We’re being spammed by some shady drugshill with a NatSoc flag
There is drug spammer sliding the threads:



His account name is Kelbrah.
taken care of
This drug shill is getting more mad.
Now he searching for old threads in the catalog and bumping them too.
(260.16 KB 582x608 on_you_go.png)
I think we should ban this nigger for spam instead
Europoor from the ridiculous rage thread here. Just wanted to offer to volunteer if you need someone to look over the board during night shifts. Note: if you don't need someone right now in a different time zone but at some point in the future you can get back to me at anypoint if you need to.
you cool using (((discord))) or you wanna use something else
Sure, just gotta download it once I'm home - I'll leave a short note here once I'm done, is this ok?
ye thats cool
Got it. If you're still here.
>>20034 Weird it told me I was permabanned when I tried to post in another thread but now I’m fine
>>20035 Read the massive red text faggot in the OP blind nigger
The glow/shill/spam posting that's eating up 2/3 of halfcuck's catalog is running rampant in the virus general right now.
>>21315 On this site or halfcuck? Didn't notice anything here besides the occasional boomer bot
>>983 pdf is now supported
>>21996 Based
>>21371 It was just a weird 2-hour window it seems. The 5 slide threads over the last few hours are more concerning.
>>22032 noticed it. we are aware that the elections are gonna cause massive shit we are not really prepared if im being honest we are still taking in mods if anyone is interested you can just post below
>>22034 to come back on this though most anons here will already know what a slide looks like and that politics are almost always rigged anyways
Why was the thread about the Bloomberg videos deleted? the one with 19 replies or so?
>>22061 because it was pretty low quality slide tier
>>22034 I'd be interested in helping. I only really want to delete the drug and illegal picture spam though, or whatever the lowest amount of power is. And I don't want to join a discord or IRC, no offense.
>>22065 we need to stay in contact with mods somehow so no IRC or discord disqualifies you from applying but if you still want to help out you can report posts and spam
>>22068 *illegal posts
>>22068 No problem, I'll just report then. Cheers.
>>22063 >implying there's any point to sliding on a board with 10 users Also the OP post was decent and anons were having discussion. Meanwhile threads like these stay up: >>10081 >>21197 >>21629
>>22102 The Bloomberg shilling is a thing anon, I can see why mods decided to delete those threads. However, since this is a slow board, you can always try to open an US election general, where we can collect news and updates about the topic without having people opening multiple threads for every new thing that might come up.
>>22114 >The Bloomberg shilling is a thing anon I know, but my thread wasn't shilling and I specifically said that I wasn't supporting him as a candidate and that voting in general was useless, which was kind of the point of the thread to begin with. It was was more an examination of the character of Bloomberg and his motivations. It's sad that even though I clarified all of this multiple times, there were still retards responding with "lol don't you know voting is useless xD?" This place seems to be heading in the cuckchan direction of reading the title/seeing the image and immediately giving an emotional response response to it, without reading the thread. It's even more sad that the mods seem to be like this too. After I posted the thread, there were a bunch of low quality Bloomberg threads and the mods must have deleted my thread along with it.
>>22136 Stop whining, your post was good but didn't deserve its own thread.
>>22137 >but didn't deserve its own thread. That may be so, but there are far worse threads up right now. Both new ones and threads that have been up for days, even weeks.
>>22162 Maybe report the worst ones
>>22162 Indeed. Hopefully mods remove the cheese pizza thread that's on every board atm.
>>22193 nice job mods
>>22193 >log off for an hour >this shit happens again goddamn
>>22306 Why does this board get so many spammers (drug spammer, boomerbot, pedospam, etc)? I don’t see this type of shit on JulayWorld
>>22370 Because it's small, therefore easier to moderate and allows actual discussions to be had. They don't like that.
>>22370 Idk it always hits in waves It's been silent except for a chilled Pepsi spam yesterday So a massive spam wave is probably gonna arrive soon
>>22373 >It's been silent except for a chilled Pepsi spam yesterday You wish. I just got done deleting the astrochan spam under literally every single thread on pol and there was yet another see pee spam on all boards today. Hopefully, that was it, at least for today. Fuck's sake.
>>22374 well shit, good job m8
Hey mods can you add nofollow on the anchor tags. Leaving that on leaves a direct trace back to our site for any undesirables. It should be really easy to do. And worth it.
>>22677 Don't know what it means but I'll get programmer onto it
>>22681 Great thanks, if you need any help or clarification let me know. As long as I can do it from a thread here and not join some chat room.
>>22724 Yeah that's cool If you have any problems or suggestions you can hit us up itt or on /meta/
>>8997 Your post is lebbit spacing though Mr mod. Are you here to exterminate the Plebbitor or becoming one yourself?
the whole internet now knows about this dump
>>23335 Isn't leddit spacing against 4cucks Kinda funny? Also the formatting fucks up bc am phonefagg a lot
Janman here. I deleted an accelerationism thread on goading muslims to rape children. I don't have a problem with accelerationism, and I really don't like deleting things (this is actually my first that wasn't spam or chilled pepsi), I lean towards allowing total free speech, but I draw the line at encouraging the raping of children. Thread deleted. Don't encourage the rape of children.
>>24109 If you think that’s bad you should think of some of that any type of acceleration will lead to
Can we drop the wordfilter on gov.ernment? Not all gov.ernments are jewish controlled, and it looks stupid when you’re praising the gov.ernment of the Third Reich or discussing ideal forms of gov.ernment for the stupid filter to put triple parentheses around it. Not to mention the fact that it fucks up URLs.
>>24228 It's word filtered because of the boomerbot
>>24249 What’s the point? He’ll spam either way.
(109.29 KB 640x640 1582675457167.jpg)
fuck jannies but good move. Children are too young for surprise sex.
>>24257 To disrupt its bot tier propaganda. Several of the words it used are filtered. Admittedly though whoever is running it has adapted it's speech patterns, and the filter needs to be updated; but only the moot can access the filters admins and jannies cannot
Wow. Americans who hate the Bill of Rights and free speech are pussified snowflakes and traitors. Words can't hurt you. How can you know the truth wthout free speech? Kikes hate free speech because they are trying to kill off the 99% and don't want anyone to know. Those who love censorship have a weak point of view. You wouldn't fear free speech if you have a strong argument. Any place that has censorship will just become an echo chamber with groupthink.
>>24554 >Words can't hurt you. If a rule that says "Don't encourage rape of children" is too much for you, go fuck off somewhere else.
>>24281 >thinking people here will be influenced by Cuckservative talking points that everyone knows >>24600 How are children the sacred cow and limit when most of this board is dedicated to accelerating conditions to such an extent that violent race war and upheaval takes place? If you don't realize that thousands of White children will likely be blown to bits, raped and maimed through acceleration you're fucking deluded, but making some stupid false flag meme images is too scary for you? I don't think you even understand how violent, savage and total the race war and struggle against ZOG will be if you can't even handle the idea of children being raped.
Another pedo thread in the catalog
>>24634 It's a bot, it has posted on all the other boards too.
(7.31 KB 500x118 46016_1.jpg)
>>24634 >>24641 Is this why I can't post pics anymore ?
(339.98 KB 1080x1712 end.jpg)
>>24762 Nevermind.
(762.10 KB 1800x2700 van.jpg)
thanks aneins ! gift 4 u sorry it's not Ellison Barber
(39.46 KB 636x358 shark4.jpg)
>>24774 is that Paige VanZant? no thank you >fake tits >claims to have been "gang raped". actually just a whore >tattoo and piercing I posted a nonsense 2 days ago http://neinchan.com/pol/res/12516.html#q24436 the link on that to the 4chon will show a breb about her take you right to a post that says "imagine those feet in your mouth"
>>24798 dont delete threads then.
(338.78 KB 540x960 Screenshot_20200301-182543.jpg)
>>24853 >that font urg
>>24853 comic sans would have been better
What it was ? (((Somebody))) trying to DDOS us ?
>>24617 >If you don't realize that thousands of White children will likely be blown to bits, raped and maimed through acceleration you're fucking deluded They already have been. What's your point.
Fellow mods, janman here. Discord niggers locked me out. I'm still available on tox.
>>25091 make a new acc
We need to ban all those shills supporting (((Tarrant))) and other (((lone wolf attacks))). What we need isn't more White nationalists getting arrested. We don't need illegal and immoral terrorist attacks that do us no good. We need to win over the hearts of the people, which won't happen if people see us as nutters.
>>26234 >Violence bad, vote Republican The ideological message of the "Right" wing of the ZOG never changes. They will, ultimately, never stop spewing this line, they will never stop trying to censor calls to violence against the ZOG. The worst part is, this anon is probably not even being paid to do this. Millions of ZOG-lovers do this for free. That's how much they love the Kikes. The only thing that even attracts ZOG-faggots like them here to begin with is because it is one of the last refuges online where it is possible to spit clear messages against the Kikes. And we're not even on the open internet anymore! They are the loyal slaves of the Kikes. They will say and do anything for the Kikes. These are the people who we must kill first.
>>26284 It's not about voting Republican. It's about putting political pressure on everyone by encouraging everyone to oppose mass immigration. We thank the valiant efforts of our friends like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager who have nudged society in the right direction and redpilled very many people.
C.P. spammer in Tarrant thread: >>26352
>>26315 >It's not about voting Republican. The ZOG-faggots will never stop lying about their real intentions. The political premise by which they operate assumes the masses of the White Nation are morons, perhaps even stupider than your typical nigger, who simply can not see through their lies. The ZOG believes itself to be ideologically invulnerable to a White Nationalist insurgency. >It's about putting political pressure on everyone by encouraging everyone to oppose mass immigration. The "Right" of the ZOG thinks it is being even more pro-nigger than the "Left" wing of it, because spicks take nigger jobs first. A "conservative" opposing spick immigration is just virtue signalling how much they love integration with niggers.
Whereever ZOG shills go, they must shit
C.P thread in catalog >>27140
>>27151 Nuked it. Thanks for the report - just got my ass out of bed so apologies if it was up for a while.
>>26423 >The ZOG believes itself to be ideologically invulnerable to a White Nationalist insurgency. Hedging your bets on an implausible White Nationalist insurgency is retarded. Very few Whites support White Nationalism. Even if insurgency were the right path, which it is not, we would need to drum up political support first instead of putting the wagon ahead of the horse and thereby giving the ZOG an excuse to crack down harder.
>>27181 Im not the anon your talking to but we have attempted to do this rockwell had most of america supporting him but he got assanated now another person call vulpis something something started getting some power and nobility then Z.O.G locked him up "for his own protection" two attempts of doing this politically get us no were next option? W.N.I or total drop out but of course most of the cause is stupid teens that do know the defo of National Socialism and read siege gets this bright idea of saying something stupid and getting arrested and pulse feds are all over us that I will recommend for anyone going down the road of total attack stay safe as possible and do not tell anyone your intentions
>>27151 Hey, the p*dobot is back again. Please delete. >>27508
(289.32 KB 1440x1080 The Goyim Know.jpg)
Can you please remove the chilled pepsi some JIDF kike spammed onto the Catalog? If you could do that, that'd be great.
>>27231 >rockwell had most of america supporting him LOL no
>>27513 >>27509 deleted cp thread whomever keeps spreading this crap will get theirs in the end. its utterly disgusting. it wouldnt suprise me ifs its niggerick and his merry batch of faggots, or some 3 letter glow agency posting it
Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 04/18/2020 (Sat) 01:03:01.
>>27515 Bruh he did if you talked to old timers read all his books and watched all of his speechs and read alot of history about him you would know he was supported by a lot of people
>>27525 Niggerrick here, it is not me. I believe in dead kike on a stick, so how could I do something as immoral as post Chilled Dr. Pepper? Remember the 11 gorrilion!
Pedobot strikes back, nuke that shit please >>27964
Wordfilter Christian terms into the following to discourage Niggerick Jesus = Yeshua God = Yahweh Christian = Cuckold Christianity = Cuckoldry Bible = Babble
>>28179 granted with a twist
Filter requests for the following to continue to disrupt the efforts of niggerick. These will probably only effect him: 基督教 = desert book Kirche = Synagogue William Lane Craig = Goykiller - watch him say in the first 30 seconds that God could have said to exterminate the Nazis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMNXzpPSDak Isa Al-Mahdi = Yeshua Isa = Yeshua Iesus = Yeshua Iesvs = Yeshua Jesvs = Yeshua
>>28328 implemented by your request
>>28341 Stay based, BO
"Reasonable Faith" = Unreasonable Madness Another one of Niggericks favorites
>>28386 Honestly dude No one cares about what you have to say
Can you allow the file format bmp and finally install exif remover if you have not already? Thanks. >>27525 Word around town is that it's actual jewish pedo by the name of "Esther M Aronowitz" may just be the fag's pen name to file fake reports after false flagging with epstein photos on webring boards exclusively. They're really upset about the webring. The good side to this is that when jews and their slaves are upset it's a stamp of legitimacy.
>>28402 added acceptance of bmp and x-bmp files and enabled automatic stripping of exif data from files
Thanks, fren!
>>28402 Lol if you're the one banning all discussion of the Lord J.esus thats based af, maybe they are the pedo jews. The Bolsheviks were pedo jews who hated X-ians. and im just like them.
Edited last time by blackjack on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 14:15:17.
>>28341 I support the word filters to thwart niggerrick and all, but I think that the choice of substitute words is a bit distracting and could be confusing for new users. Why not use replacements like Cuckianity so that people can know what the word originally refers to?
>>28621 I agree with this. >>28402 >They're really upset about the webring. More info about this? I am interested.
>>28686 t. niggerick
Some Shylock from Antifa is spamming our board with deep-fried cuckstian shit.
>>28721 Yes we know, admins caught them stirring shit from discord.
>>28403 You actually didn't allow bmp file format somehow. It doesn't work. I've yet to test exif myself, but cba atm.
>>28810 yes turns out bmp was allowed since the site was set up but just doesnt accept it anyways
Download speed from this server slowed down. Could it be, that it's being DOSed?
>>28862 Speed on Tor is dependent on the collective speeds of all the onion connections comprising your current Tor session. If it's slow, restarting Tor Browser will probably fix it.
(504.42 KB 1136x1806 jidf02.jpg)
heads up: this onion url is being spammed on other chans, prepare for raid by the (((usual suspects))) and their useful idiots
Spic Rick is fucking up every thread.
>>28999 Noticed that. I'm on it.
>>28970 really? how do you know?
>>28970 I have seen it on nanochan for some reason lately, but I am not aware of it being a crowded place. Any other place that you're aware of?
>>29062 Same. Have only seen one on nanochan + multiple 4kike threads >fellow White, we haev a board just for us http://nanochanpwz3xnue76gteysv6wjm5sim3bbcm2lc65x625at774k77qd.onion/pol/9601.html#post9603
>>29098 Yes, someone dropped it on cuckchan too a while ago. But considering the amount of normies that go there, probably very few use tor.
>>29055 We should get rid of i.s.a from the word filter. It's messing up normal words like dis.appear and improvis.ation.
>>29287 I agree on this
>>29287 done
>>29287 This is DYeshuappointing tbh
>>29331 test disarm
(103.19 KB 640x960 1449596153261.jpg)
>>983 Thanks for your based service admin. Just let me give you a tip on a successful moderation style, pic related gets owned on this board it's important when you delete to still leave up some context, typically just leave which posts that the retards get destroyed for, not only is it reaffirming but is also highly entertaining to read.
(901.19 KB 3438x3438 2580082854442.jpg)
>>29401 Also in the unlikely event(but does happen) that an actual hostile enemy NPC turns up and wants to talk and argument like a normal human being and not a screeching robotic kike animal, you should let them. As long as they don't turn into rabid animals being backhanded and subverting discussion/spamming in which case you can back to >>29401 style. Pretty reasonable, we have nothing to fear anyway, we have the truth backing us. They are the ones that fear us. Because an echo chamber style isn't exactly fun unless the site gets big somehow. But so far frequenting this site for some time I have just seen some low effort, derad shill, kike and glow posts.
>>29401 >>29403 Very much agree: only raid style/clear spam posts should be deleted.
>>29403 >>29401 nah this place is a natsoc imageboard an other opinions have enough platform elsewhere if you think allowing other opinions is a good idea this isnt the place for you
>>29449 >this place is a natsoc imageboard No shit >allowing other opinions You clearly didn't understand, selectively. >other opinions Which literally get owned and ridiculed off the board.
>>29457 >dont clean up trash because everyone thinks is smells bad anyways
>>29457 your type of posting is very normalnigger like get out
>>29449 Of course this is a Nat Soc board, but opinions can be easilty debated, bad trolling like spicrick's and raids instead must be eradicated. Ridiculing a cuck's opinion is not a big deal. On a related note, I noticed some of my posts in different threads have been deleted. They were completely normal posts in which I was giving replies related to the ongoing discussion. Is there any problem with administration's activity or the website or what?
reminder to report all posts that do not support the genocide of subhumans thinking deportation or keeping subhumans in another country does not fix the problem they must all be removed
>>29480 Based. >b-but muh niggers need to live like happy apes in the wild!
(397.51 KB 785x1000 84042d1y22.png)
>>29480 >>29488 >"D-d-don't d-do anything goyim, J-j-j-j-Just senselessly argue some pointless bullshit in the far far future, not action in the now and today!!" Kikes detected.
>>29491 Fuck off, shillposter. Ending slavery was the second biggest mistake humanity [Whites] made, after letting J*ws make them fight against their own brothers. Unless proven otherwise, I will assume every anon here is acting in their own way and working toward a better future. Probably something you like to ignore as you wait for mommy to bring you your tendies and mountain dew. End yourself, please. Thank you.
>>29491 >far in the future "Just live in the moment, goyim"
>>29494 >>29491 This is niggerick
(572.53 KB 1280x960 m8dgns7z.png)
(126.26 KB 959x1219 vlsztt2v41311.png)
(413.33 KB 785x731 89763567132.png)
>>29495 >"N-nnnoooooOOO it's not working time to use the misdirection tactic" >"NooOOOo oy vey W-w-what! You cant just read our manuals n0000"
>>29496 >soyposting Yikes
>>29492 >Ending slavery was the second biggest mistake humanity [Whites] made This ZOG-fag has no problem importing hordes and hordes of niggers into a White country in the first place though. He loves niggers so much, he wants to force you to live beside them!
>>29511 >Slavery >bad Read Aristotle.
Filter Christ into something like "Crust" to piss off Niggerick
>>29524 There are several word filters already.
>>29573 Let's stop using word filters and try to defeat niggerrick's arguments fair and square. The fact that you're deleting those arguments is making me afraid that they might be true.
>>29595 our enemies use our sense of fairness and need for logic to scew with us. if you think these people "fairly" argue with you, in "good faith" you are mistaken. they purposely decieve, lie, distort, confuse, and conflate. they know you'll play fair and they use it against you.
>>29605 >"african (((american)))"=nigger niggerick detected
>>29595 It doesn't matter how many times we "refute" his arguments, he's a shill, a shit-stirrer or a deradicalization agent. You can only argue with someone who is actually serious about what they believe and willing to argue fairly.
>>29595 >The fact that you're deleting those arguments is making me afraid that they might be true. What a pathetic and utterly embarrassing argument. If anyone has been here for any longer than two months, they'd know what a shill is and they would've seen that neither of those comments are centred around 'truth'. Stop LARPing as an unsuspecting anon, the comments will be deleted as long as they're posted.
>>29615 Absolutely based. >>29595 I am ok with word filters as long as they don't impair writing other words that have nothing to do with the original filtered word (like what was happening with the word disa- some time ago).
>>29603 Exactly. This rule of simple deduction works everytime. Last night ZOGfaggot guy and "rick" revealed themselves to be literally the same people roleplaying anon 1 vs anon 2. Keep in mind they've been told by admin several times not to engage such faggots and even then their T-stamps revealed them completely in the act.
>>29626 >Last night ZOGfaggot guy and "rick" revealed themselves to be literally the same people roleplaying anon 1 vs anon 2. I suppose I might have to start using some sort of tripcode, if such a feature is available on Neinchan, so people can realize who is and who is not me. I was going to mention this before, but decided it was probably worse to actually bring it up than to say it, but there are a handful of posts here that do a very poor job of trying to imitate my style. The "they're the same person" shit is 'true' in the sense that yes, niggerick and his disciples have made a handful of posts aping my style, in an attempt to substantiate these claims, which I can only guess is an attempt to target me in general for post deletion. My guess is that they will become bored of this little game sooner rather than later, but I've obviously struck a nerve with the Christfag gang. Nothing terrifies that thing called "America" more than the National Socialism of the single English-speaking European Nation. Make no mistake, "America" is not compatible with authentic National Socialism, and the ZOG fears nothing more than a generation of young White men who have been schooled into knowing who Engelert Dollfuss was, and why the NSDAP killed him in the first place. The struggle for uniting the entire German Nation put the NSDAP on a collision course with Catholic "Austro-fascism," and so is the fate of English-speaking European Nation bound up with the struggle against the "Right" wing of the ZOG. Testing the tripcode now.
Can anyone recommend some "online sms receive services" which works, so i can create a twiiter account without sharing my real phone number ?
guys, what happened yesterday with the site down?
>>29680 To my knowledge it was an update regarding the lynxchan software - but I'm sure the board owner will explain it better when he checks in.
>>29680 (((Someone))) might have done (((something))) to the website during the (((downtime)))
>>29685 like what?
>>29686 Like changing the JS so that some 0-day exploits install the newest version of FinFisher on your machine. Or just changed the server in such a manner, that it now creates really granular logs, which make it easier to backtrack tor circuits. Who knows. I'm not saying, that something like this happened. It probably didn't, because the feds would already have everything ready, when they got to the machine.
>>29701 How do we know (((blackjack))) isn't in on this?
>>29706 He is in on this he supports the pro-violence shills
>>29680 (((what))) I wouldn't be surprised if the feds too it over in the meantime and the admin was v&
>>29711 t. ZOGfag Spic
>>29716 Imagine still supporting ineffective opticscucking and votecucking in 2020. Besides, this site uses too much JS.
>>29730 The site works fine without JS
testpost with JS deactivated... Redirect of block bypass leats to another captcha. Let's see if the server at least notices, that the captcha had been solved...
>>29742 Okay, it works. That's nice. Buggy as hell, but it works.
>>29731 However, the references aren't shown in the header of a post. So it works buggy and limited. But that's more than many other sites can say. Praised be NeinChan.
Yesterday the site was down again, what's going on? Tech problems?
>>30009 Don't worry goy, (((nothing))) happened to the servers. Your computer has not been bugged with any sort of rootkit. Just keep on posting what you've been posting.
>>30028 And how does this happen?
>>30009 >(((what)))
>>30009 >>30037 again same reason as last time just the server went down
>>30061 Were we even told before?
>>30061 I asked because I am a brainlet so I don't know how often/why this is supposed to happen.
>>30029 >And how does this happen? Mostly if you have (((JavaScript))) on. Surely there are other vectors too, but this most common AFAIK.
Hey , where the fuck is /meta/? Someone posted c p again >>31844 Delete this crap please.
c.p. spam in catalog: >>31844
>>31850 It has been taken care of, thank you for the report and sorry for the delay.
>>31871 SO was the /meta/ board deleted?
>>31888 Yes, but not by me, nor do I know the reasons for its disappearance. I reckon it's because it got barely used and most of the communication was done here, anyway.
>>31893 I used to leave my requests both here and there most of the times. Oh well.
B.O. do you see a log of posts and threads that were removed by Jannies?
Someone is posting CP and advertisements for some kind of certificate. Its on the front page.
So what the fuck was this downtime?
>>32474 As always, downtime is caused by general server maintenance and related updates. This has been explained before, though, as you will see by reading through the thread. I hope the information was helpful - if not, let me know. Have a comfy day.
Password to delete this post is "heh". Sameer Khan
>>32478 There is no way to send out warnings before this happen? Getting really worried every time.
>>32480 I understand, but the updates themselves aren't exactly scheduled and happen automatically. If you are interested about notifications and communication with the BO when such updates happen, we have a Mumble server that is secured by a German anon where you can be in direct contact with the board owner. Server information is in the Minecraft thread.
>>32495 Ok, thanks.
>>32495 How about you guys just leave a message on /fascist where most of us hang around anyways? Wouldn't hurt, would it?
>>32497 They should set a tripcode for that, otherwise how would we know it's Nein's team?
>>32497 That would be a good idea, especially since most of us seem to come to /fascist/ wondering what happened kek
>>32514 I went to /fascist/ for the first time ever just to find out what happened to this board. I hope the glowniggers can't see that I'm trying to connect to this site when it fails to connect, because it says that it isn't secure when I fail to connect.
>>32568 >it says that it isn't secure when I fail to connect. What do you mean? The browser just said site could not be reached, I had no security warning when the site was down.
>>32591 The emblem next to the URL said that it wasn't secure, but I had the same thing "the site could not be reached". What I am worried about is that ISPs, because tor isn't working when this happen as it loses encryption, can see that you have searched the URL which shows that you access the site. They could use this to track users.
>>32641 I have truly no idea, I am a complete tech retard, sorry. Ask in the internet anonymity thread
>7. plebbit spacing = post deleted Gay. I've never been to Plebbit but ever since the "Plebbit spacing" meme started I've been accused of it maybe ten thousand times by now. I'm not going to change my writing style just because it's perceived now as me being from a site I've never posted or browsed before.
>>983 Here is a simpler set of rules. 1. No promoting degeneracy. That's it and it covers pornography, scat, trannyism, and other fucked up shit. You don't need all those other stupid rules.
>>32697 Stop whining
>>32697 Maybe you should stop plebbit-spacing, faggot
>>32723 reported for spicniggadry >>32716 nein is older than a year though
>>29603 Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past. --Jean Paul Sartre
>>32848 >Never believe that jews are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The jews have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.
how come neinchan manages to remain so fucking based while other chans just cuck out?
>>32929 Because its creators/mods aren't cucked and don't tolerate kikeposting. This board is run by people who share the same interests with us.
>>32929 other chans allow their enemy the chance to speak also usually the chan dies after the host dropped them neinchan got dropped twice and is still running or someone posts something absolutely nuclear and they shut themselves down in fear the mods here had like 3 nuclear posts that could have been serious trouble and they kept going
>>32930 >>32931 Das rite. Shorter than shutting a board down completely, the other most effective way to kill it is to infiltrate it and subvert it. This pretty much happened to all other imageboards.
>>32931 >3 nuclear posts I only remember the China one. Still sad that never happened. https://archive.md/2XCvV
>>32954 If chinks are truly 100% guilty for engineering coronachan for ZOG's projects of global economic crack and implementation of forced vaccine, I wish some nigga would. However I remember another post in 2019 where some anon was claiming he was going postal in a few months but apparently he never delivered. If it was Balliet, for example, I think we would have known by now.
>>32955 >postal Most likely a LARPer or yet another attention whore that got caught beforehand.
(250.65 KB 508x762 steve minecrafting irl.jpg)
>>32956 It's safe to say that anyone who ever talks about their Let's Play before uploading it is just as LARPer
>>>32955 Not doing the captcha, how is the nuclear post related to china? so, did some Chinese people realise how shitty their commie country is or what? I mean that is expected.
(101.25 KB 609x525 uncensored yockey.PNG)
(84.33 KB 561x549 yockey uncensored 2.PNG)
>>32968 Here is the original uncensored post. I sometimes wonder what ever happened with this dude. Maybe he pussied out or was arrested.
>>32955 The government may not even know that he posted here or even that it was his post. Investigators are notoriously tech illiterate. There was a murder case in America, in which a woman murdered her daughter, and they only checked her browser history on google chrome, they completely ignored her firefox browser history and after she was found not guilty it was found on her laptop that she had looked up how to suffocate someone.
Is there any way to remove the filter that effects words such as "soc.ialism" that were put into effect due to the drug spammer a few months ago (I think the word is "cialis")? This spammer has not showed up for some time and it is effecting things in /fascist/ as well, see >>>/fascist/91. Apologies if this is the wrong spot to raise this issue.
>>33439 taken care of
>>33559 got it moderators are keeping watch but ill take care of him personally
>>33561 please dont tell me you are actually gonna try to keep dealing with shit stirring fags on /fascist/
>>33563 Seems like you are stirring shit
>>33564 says the pedo
>>33565 Sounds like you are confusing anons.
What happened with the minecraft server? I was considering joining it, but now the thread is gone?
>>33579 server was locked with a Whitelist due to a sperg you wanna get in you gotta ask the BO
asking nein BO/anons what you guys think about creating a /clan/ board where anons can come together and create nein clans in video game with the purpose of having fun and spreading our influence asking in relation to this post >>33598
>>33561 What was the post about?
>>33563 Get the fuck out, pedo baiter. Leave /pol/ and /fascist/ and go back to your pedo den on report this post.
>>33630 You word filtered 8 c*ann*l, I see. You did good.
fash BO removed thread that called him out for being a pedo on /fascist/
>>33640 Reported for playing divide and conquer with our fah bros. You will not divide us.
>>33646 good i dont want to be with those pedos
>>33646 fascist "bros" have actually been proven to be pedos and if you want them to stay that makes you a pedo as well
death upon the /fascist/ pedos
>>33640 >>33649 >>33650 >>33651 reported for astroturfing. crossposters have already figured out what you're trying to do.
>>33652 dont think BO is gonna take a stance and delete shit because he doesnt want to get caught in crossfire
>>33652 crossposters are absolutely not welcome here its nein or nothing
>>33659 Are you the BO or just some random shit-flinger pretending to speak in an official capacity?
>>33660 the offical capacity is the users nein or nothing faggot
>>33663 Plenty of anons poster on multiple boards. You're just another shit-stirring internet cliquester.
>>33660 BO and Nein in general never had problems with /fascist/. Many of us crosspost and always make sure to keep updates in case one of the two is down for some reason. There's been for a while a /fascist/ hater here that kept autistically screeching and asking for the bunker to be deleted because it hurts his feelings or something. It's probably just a (((pure coincidence))) that people are global reporting the /fascist/ board on anon cafè in hope of seeing it deleted. It's almost as if there is a group of people taking down non kosher websites and imageboards, but I don't wanna sound as lunatic as those "White genocide" conspiracy theory believers.
>>33667 >BO and Nein in general never had problems with /fascist/. >in general Fash BO is posting pictures of ten year olds in suggestive poses and thinks they should be married to older men, ie. him or if not he's an enabler for the pedophilic scum by spouting his pseudoscience about those fantastic early marriages. Let that sink in. I can be as okay as is possible with /fascist/ but this is an absolute dealbreaker and there can be no doubt that people like him would've gotten the rope in either fascist Germany or Italy.
>>33669 post some screencaps plz
>>33669 big if real
>>33674 >>33677 He's deleted a lot of stuff in the last days but I've seen it too, though I think "suggestive" is in the eye of the beholder. It was a preteen with flowers in their hair and the post was an approving response to some CP-ish comments about the so-called women question that couldn't sadly be discussed so they wanted to set up an own board. Make from that what you will, it gives certainly some bad pedo vibes.
>>33679 damn really? thanks for sharing this now just hoping we can get some screencaps also fash BO has been deleting stuff calling him out on /fascist/ on nein so keep the discusion on /pol/
>>33669 we can keep /fascist/ around on nein but i think nein BO should remove fash BO powers over his board
>>33669 >>33674 >>33677 >>33679 >>33681 >>33682 Quick rundown >be kike troll angry at /fascist/ being the top board on anon cafe >start cunnyposting on anoncafe, anons tell you to fuck off and BO nukes your "suggestive" posts >come to the Nein /fascist/ bunker and start cunnyposting again >get immediately recognized because of crossposters >get told to fuck off by anons and by site admin >Fash BO deletes your cunnyshit thread >start new strategy saying it was the Fash BO cunnyposting all along in hope to reach the previously set goal to shut down /fascist/ I demand the mod to stop this faggot clogging our meta-rules thread with his autistic screeching, he's been going on for several days now and if no one will stop him he's gonna metastasize the rest of the board as well like niggerrick did. Reminder that feds love c p and kikes use it to get sites shut down.
>>33685 You forget one thing. It was fashBO himself who posted some of that stuff in question and responded in an approving way musing about setting up a board where "discussions" such like as would be allowed. Just ask him if he believes whether girls should be married off "early" wink, wink to older men for a stable marriage with many children. It was there for everyone to see. Also nobody says it was CP, I have never seen CP being posted. The problem is the disgusting attitude that in a fascist society loliwives should exist when this is in fact peak degeneracy that should be punished by death. You need to smash pedos or their enablers anywhere they crawl. This has no place in fascism.
>>33687 this /fascist/ is fine but if their BO enables pedos they should not be on neinchan
(194.70 KB 850x446 1512309270697.jpg)
>>33687 >>33688 Literally every single thing you said is a lie. Samefagging kike confimed.
>>33689 all you do is just yell about kikes and samefags but you have no counterpoints or explanations for fash BO,s behavior
>>33687 to >I have never seen CP being posted. you respond >Literally every single thing you said is a lie. What are you? A complete retard? Also >not checking perfectly good Hitler dubs 33688 unforgivable For everything else just ask FashBO what his position on "early" marriage is. He was the same way when still on 8chan. Nobody reigned in on that shit back then but we have an anti-degeneracy policy. Deal with it jew.
>>33690 >deflecting this hard Kike 100% confirmed. Board is inactive, no other thread has had new posts in hours, it is just you here samefagging with multiple posts against /fascist/ and bogus claims (with no proofs because of course they're all lies and everyone who read your """Woman question""" on /fascist/ knows it). I have followed your shenanigans for the last days and literally nothing of what you said ever happened. All crossposters saw your tricks starting on anon cafè weeks ago and how quickly you were BTFO there by the BO who deleted your cunny baits, so you came here and started stirring the same identical shit thinking no one would have rebutted it. Eat shit and die, kike. This is not cuckchan, go there if you want to try more low IQ tricks.
>>33692 if fash BO lets pedos hang out on his board that makes him a pedo supporter the cunnyposters had to leave anon.cafe because of the site admin and not because fash BO told them to leave
>>33691 >he approves of marrying children >says he has an anti degeneracy policy those two dont go together bud
>>33691 you dont even deny that he was being a pedo
>>33693 More lies. t. I was in the anoncafe thread and reported the cunnyposting to BO, who deleted the posts.
>>33696 fash BO started deleting cunnyposting shit after anon cafe site admin told him to fuck off with the pedo shit
>>33697 >doubles down on the lies textbook kike
so whats this shitstorm about? people are defending pedos?
>>33699 No, kikes are on a mission to kill /fascist/
The only thing I saw on the cafe in /fascist/ was BO said he wanted a place where you can debate loli marriage, and posted a non-suggestive picture of some little girl with flowers on her head. So it's borderline, but he's clearly sympathetic to prepuberty girl marriage. I'm glad that shit isn't allowed here though because it's degenerate as fuck. Women hit puberty pretty young anyways like like 16 or slightly before and that's already legal in most places but even that is not enough for these fucks, they just keep pushing and want to marry little titless children. Hitler probably would have bogged them.
>>33702 doesnt seem that way to me they are at least providing argument while the side defending /fascist/ BO really has nothing and i think defending pedos is kind of a bad look
(14.01 KB 371x316 pic.jpg)
found the picture posted on there but by another anon don't see where board owner posted so its not proof maybe he deleted it
>>33704 the problem is you have no proof if you really cared then you should make the effort to provide something but you havent why i dont know maybe it doesnt exist or maybe you are dumb and lazy if you dont have proof you should stop wasting everyones time
>>33707 im just observing but i would definitely say that the attitude of /fascist/ BO defenders doesnt do them any good
>>33706 who the fuck allows this shit on their board?
>>33708 they are defending him because you have no proof you cant say they are defending a pedo when you have no proof he is one this is why you look like an outsider jew stirring shit if there was foundation for what you say you should have proof seeing you double down on just being an observer without proof makes you look like a double jew
>>33706 Yep that was the picture that riled me up. Pretty sure though it was posted by fash BO in a sympathetic reply to the pedo guy when they talked about setting up their own board, like on 8chan where shit like that was allowed. The rest of the image should show his trip code, no? Frankly, I would just like to see a statement of fash BO saying he doesn't approve of pre-puberty marriage as the vile jewish degeneracy that it is. It's an indefensible position to have, if you're a fascist or not actually. >>33710 well, he deleted the proof together with the controversial stuff altogether but many anons saw it.
>>33712 he deleted it because cunnyposters were getting cheeky and this pissed off users, anon cafe's site owner also showed up to tell the cunnyposter to fuck off, and BO deleted as the rules require - it was not the BO posting the pictures and the topic of marriage, like you dumb kike have been implying for two days because your pathetic disrupting attempts went unheeded. the thread is still there in the catalog of /fascist/ on anon cafe, everyone can go there, highlight BO's posts and check by himself that you've been stirring shit non stop for days, schmierig jude.
>>33713 link to that thread nigger >inb4 half of posts strangely missing >highlight BO's post he totally never ever posts without tripcode haha dumb pedo is dumb
>>33714 Fucking kike, it's the Unpopular opinion thread, go there on anoncafè and highlight BO's posts by ID. I swear to god Nein mods do something about these juden, they've shitted this thread for days with their bullshit.
Hey FashBO you forgot this one to sanitize. Still don't care for degenerates on your board advocating for child sex? At best he's just an enabler. https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/2367.html#4684
>pedo shit on an IB? Oh my! >what? NonWhites are in the IB? who cares?
I won't even read all this screeching, but here is a thought: >DON'T FUCKING WASH YOUR DIRTY CLOTHING IN PUBLIC No matter what this is about, no matter who is right and who is wrong, keep this shit under the lid. Mods need to step up and delete all this crap and quickly resolve this without drama. Showing your dirty undies to public never produces good results and always only weakens the community. Both in-group and out-group towards the benefit of the hook-nosed enemy. User should stop being brainlets and understand this as well.
(92.26 KB 931x704 he said no.jpg)
/fascist/ BO explicitly said he doesnt support pedo shit drama over
>>33722 (check'd) Kinda true, however, I see the spergout as a natural immune response of a healthy body to a disease. The offending matter already was public, the damage done, no matter if we had sperged out or not.
>>33725 truth at least it solidified the no tolerance stance on pedo creeps and false flagging
>>33710 Here's how it goes: >be shill >pedopost on anon.cafe to shut it down because muh natzees >get BTFO by based site admin >come over to /fascist/ to try the same shit and provoke board deletion >goal is to shut down discussions and places where fascism and the likes are discussed >continue pedoposting >inform the FBI about global rule violations and shut down the whole site >??? >+6 shekels received Now, I haven't been all in on the entire situation and I honestly do not care too much but in my opinion, the fact that small image boards get targeted with such activities should make you think. Months ago, we had shills for drugs, pedophilia and even chr*stianity. All the attempts of derailing discussions and scaring anons failed because some mods have experience with these situations and completely annihilated the trashposters who got tired after a short time and left, only to be replaced by others. The supposed pedoposting on /fascist/ feels like yet another attempt to derail a board topic or to get the entire board/site deleted through violations of global rules. We have been through this before and Neinchan still isn't dead - I assume we are more popular among alphabetically synchronised international operators and I believe they do try hard to kill Nein. Mods won't let them and you're very welcome to stay comfy and let them do their job - meanwhile, enjoy your stay.
>>33951 Nice fantasy, Chaim
>>33724 >that pic autists "discussion" they would both be gone under hitler
No mod online? nigger porn spam is shitting up the whole catalog, please clean up.
>>34050 anon dont tempt the mods
>>34058 Lemmings are such a fucking pain to deal with, especially when they're in positions of power. All they know is cope, protect the lower ego, for there is nothing else above. To admit they're wrong, to sacrifice the ego, is like suicide to them.
>>34067 mods voluntarily keep this board free of shills and cancer they dont try to build a reputation by namefagging or constantly posting with their mod tag they just do they job and they do it good for you to claim their ego is inflated on a topic that has nothing to do with it just proves you are spouting shit
>>34067 >mods run a board with highly sensitive political content that would get them arrested if authorities found out >they continue to do it anyways despite knowing the risks so natsocs/saint sympathisers can have a shill free discussion >risking their freedom for other people makes them lemmings you dont even know what you are saying
Hey BO/admin, a lot of connection errors lately. Somehow resulting in a lot of double posts. What's going on?
>>34180 no clue tbh
(182.20 KB 1263x714 shill returns.PNG)
>>33713 >You've been stirring shit non stop for days The shills are working around the clock, it's actually astounding. Literally less than a week after this debacle dies down, some literally who appears on Anon Cafe's /meta/ and starts sperging out. Notice what he hates: >calls Neinchan "Neinqueers" >cries about people "left of Hitler" being attacked >cries about Cosmotheism and William Pierce >goes onto cry about literal whos, half of whom are banned Our enemies of terrified of peace being had on these boards
>>34212 He mentions about the nonWhites on fascist. It's just weird how neinchan is okay with that.
(47.80 KB 1334x538 bo on non-whites.PNG)
>>34226 I think it's just important to remember that /fascist/ isn't /pol/. There's a lot of likeminded people there, but the two boards have different orientations. /fascist/ does shit their way, we do stuff our way.
>>34212 top kek it's so clear that it's a shitskin seething for being called out and not able to open a crack between /fascist/ bros and neinchads, I think he'll keep whining in hope to exhaust anon cafe's site owner in order to have /fascist/ deleted from the website (it is now the top board, anyway).
(62.64 KB 590x787 shill meter.jpg)
>>34212 This pic is applicable to both boards
Maybe I just have not tripped it before, but what is the purpose of the r9k bot preventing image reposts?
>>34513 prevents spam will turn off soon
>>34537 Alright, I understand. You lads do what you need to do
(96.96 KB 600x338 Turkroach1.jpg)
anti-tarrant shill(s) >>34549
how do I find old threads?
>>34642 For Tarrant threads, see /btg/
>>34642 the catalog is pretty big, however older Tarrant generals are on the /btg/ board. For other stuff try searching archive sites.
requesting if graphics anon can maybe help us with creating a unique logo for the site the stock lynxchan one has been there for too long
>>34807 >logo Same dimensions as old one? 2D or 3D? What should be included? - some details alluding to 8chans infinity symbol? - a stylized 9? - colored, grey? - gif, i.e. animated? I personally think a logo based on two black sun like gears rotating each other would be cool
>>34813 Not a mod, humble user here. I'll add my suggestions >some details alluding to 8chans infinity symbol? This websites does not have any link to 8chan, as far as I know none of the Nein team was involved in 8chan's administration, but if I am wrong they will correct me. >a stylized 9? This could be a nice idea, but I don't know if owner/mods prefer the "Nein" as german for "no" more than a hint to the number 9. If this is the case, there's a banner with the re-elaborated version of pic related which I like very much and I think it reflects the nature of Neinchan as a place of resistance against ZOG and their domination.
>>34813 talked with mods for specifications 2d rather not associate with 8 for no reason colors are up to you just a static image would work best
>deleting the flat earth thread Really gay
>>34830 Go back to facebook boomer fanpages with that bullshit
>>34831 >don't discuss anything except for our approved topics, goy It's like you don't want more active threads
>>34833 >>>don't discuss anything except for our approved topics Unironically yes. This isn't 4ch*n where every sub-110 IQ thread is left up.
>>34819 >no admin links to 8chan Sure as far as I can tell but my point was about us mostly coming from there and nein now being the only legit and spiritual successor, basically the only actual /pol left. 8kun is cucked, Josh's nine is more about freedom of speech in general than explicitly natsoc and both don't even use the name /pol. The hell ... ?! >your image I like that image but I think it's too much text for a logo. Will see that I do about that. >>34829 ok, will try to cook something up
>>34839 it looks like I am reporting you for being a low IQ troll
>>34833 flat earth is a straight brainlet facebook tier conspiracy this is a quality based /pol/ no faceberg tards allowed
(15.08 KB 1000x1000 draft.png)
>>34835 this a rough draft using some of the ideas of the mods see if you want it do something with it or do your own thing anything you make will be appreciated equally either way
>>34842 >flat earth is a straight brainlet facebook tier conspiracy Worse, it's actively pushed and inserted by glowniggers into conversations to retardify opposition they can't control, like shitting up a place so others leave because of the smell.
>>34843 mmm, a black sun would be much nicer and better fitting inside the "9" circle
>>34844 makes you appreciate the effort the mods put in to keep this place in stellar quality
>>34845 it was suggested we keep the logo simple so its easy to reproduce quickly even with low artistry skills maybe the SS logo would work or is that too tryhard?
>>34845 >>34847 I'm working rn on a black sun type logo, sorry BO your picture came a bit too late but I'll give it a try after I complete the first one. Will test with swastika, sig runes and our beloved black sun, then. But I just realized from the other anon's comment, is that flag supposed to be a nine? I wouldn't have noticed tbh haha
>>34848 do whatever you see fit
dude what happened to the flat earth thread? >:(
dude what happened to the flat earth thread?
>>34851 >>34850 no one cares
>>34854 at first i was unsure whether you were welcome or not but i can tell you now that your unsavory behaviour has ruined any prospects of your kind being welcome here
>>34854 a retard level post like that was to be expected from a frisbee tard and it truly shows you have no place here faceberg might be more your speed
>>34854 >this post is extremely low quality
(177.08 KB 502x501 BS9_call.png)
>>34849 wasted time on just making a nine-legged black sun, should be the only one out there though, so here's the results. Gotta admit my idea no 1 didn't turn out as cool as I thought it would be but at least we know it now. Using the black sun in a similar look as the old lynx logo turned out quite nicely. Use it with the small nines-turned-swastika or not. I think it looks a bit dull but it's a neat reference to the board. Tried also to insert the black sun into the circle of a nine but it never looked good, like shit actually. As for the suggested image I will give it a shot later. >>34843
(117.49 KB 405x405 BS9_nine.png)
>>34859 second pic
>>34859 >>34860 very nice work anon ill put it on the front page soon
>>34860 I really like this one. Nice to see talented anons around here, thank you all. t. talentless anon >>34850 >>34851 >>34854 go back to plebbit, you either lurk two years before posting or don't bother, because you don't fit in.
(267.15 KB 684x684 logo.png)
im not the same anon as here >>34859 but id thought id make this logo all of the saints' names are spelled in Germanic runes and are placed concentrically around a modified black sun
>>34880 I like the eco-fascist motif
>>34880 I like the eco-fascist motif
So there's obviously another quite populated /pol on this site, /polru that is, but we seem to exist almost totally oblivious of each other. I have no idea what these guys are talking about for all I know they could be leftypol. So who the hell are they and what are they discussing? I need to know.
>>34934 no idea what happens on /polru/ all i know is that i think they have a dislike for putin maybe run the OP posts from their top bumped threads trough google translate
>>34939 their top thread atm is about the ruble being worth jack shit and a lot is about corruption and simple politics discussion nothing ultra based but also no opposing views so far
>>34939 >dislike for putin I figured that much from the memes lol >>34940 >their top thread atm is about the ruble being worth jack shit and a lot is about corruption and simple politics discussion nothing ultra based but also no opposing views so far thanks broski!
/polru/ lurked here. From what I understand, it's a lot of shitposting and, as mentioned, a great dislike for Putin and occasional corona updates and news; of course, there are good discussions, too. Copy/paste sentences into Yandex for a more accurate translation than Google offers, if you want to.
>>34934 I still don't figured out, either they're "Alexey Navalny libertarians" or Russian nationalists ?
>>34998 Are you perhaps retarded Anon?
(9.25 KB 292x257 1558971276985.jpg)
There's some newnigger trash that needs taking out. Probably straight out of cuckchan.
also theres some brainlet who thinks its funny to report satirical posts and call everyone he dislikes a 4queer he needs taking out
>>35172 stfu 4queer
>>35172 t. the newnigger that got called out just lurk bud
requesting anons re-report any posts they have reported in the last 24hrs the system fucked up and didnt delete some posts that were marked for delete
I will never let Neinchan rest. I will spread this board onto 4kike and all sides of the Internet until it is cleansed of violence.
>>35280 you are not the first one to try bud
>>35280 Are you going to violently purge the violence with violence, dumb nigger?
>>35280 Leave our little homeland alone!
(4.33 KB 1119x76 image.png)
>>35280 The absolute state of deradicalization shills forced to ask for help to their cuckchan colleagues.
(12.67 KB 741x122 Capturikhhhie.PNG)
retard shill posted on /polru/ where they are spamming as well so its confirmed 2 of them how many more JIDF interns do we have to rek before they stop sending new ones
>>35427 Imagine feeling the urge to find a small and obscure bavarian beverage enthusiasts anonymous website and go disturb everyone on there. These people are truly pathetic.
>>35427 take it with a grain of salt, theres a chance that its samenigger trying to fake us out by getting us to suspect each other. previous adversaries of the board like nihil and nigger rick had no lives, they would even reply to their own posts trying to make their ideas more widespread than they actually were.
>>35431 This. It's just another guy always changing roles and replying to himself.
moderators think the newfag spammer is niggerick due to the contents of his posts and because he appeared about a week after the niggerick targeted banners were removed from rotation
>>35458 Aparently he is now flooding the board again, looks like he might be using a script this time, I have seen it happen on other places. Don't know if there is a mod online, meanwhile I am reporting him.
Guys I suggest you to put captchas per post to stop the spam.
>>35466 2 mods online atm
To think that somewhere in rural burgerland, someone is sitting at his computer and spends his time continuously copy/pasting meaningless words and solving captchas repeatedly over the course of hours is just surreal to me. Don't you have a failed marriage to fix?
>>35492 I am not an expert, but it seems to me they might be using a script now for botted spam. I've already seen it happen before, including on small boards such as this. If this goes on, with tons of copypasted consecutive posts, you might want to bring back captchas for a while. I'll leave the technicalities to someone who is competent though. As far as I know there have been spam bot attacks on clearweb /fascist/ too.
So niggerrick is back. Reminder that the thread where he used a random spic for a fake doxx is archived, it would be a shame if someone here would finally decide to contact that spic and alert him about his identity spammed on a neonazi tor only anonymous website by niggerrick himself.
(36.63 KB 831x213 BNNR2.PNG)
(30.06 KB 1639x577 BNNR1.PNG)
kek at the new banners i noticed went up today expected nothing less from the neinchads
>>35639 top lul keep it up, lads
just a random meme question but what would you guys say is this boards theme song?
(72.10 KB 1024x1001 ebba pepe.jpg)
>>35736 Anyone who says anything else is wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T-sGC37XHE
>>35738 >trap remix of Erica nigger https://youtu.be/-9OUJcbgnXg
>>35768 not him but i would say its a good choice
(506.18 KB 400x225 1599383414040.gif)
>>35773 >trap, pioneered by niggers, version of hip hop >good choice you and the other guy can fuck right off back to florida
>>35774 >cant handle a meme
Myoset Neinchan https://www.imdb.com/name/nm10555374/ the fuck is that? what language?
>>35819 neinchan happens to be a gook word of some sort, a name I guess. you can find gook people called neinchan on faceberg
is this where 8chan's /pol/ went to? I miss old /pol/ before the shutdown, I found this site some search site on the tor network.
>>35840 This is one place. /ourguys/ are distributed between here, 16chan.xyz and anon.cafe, but there's a lot of overlap. A number on 8kun.top too
>>35840 No this is not 8chan nor does it have any connection.8chan is now call 8kun or some shit and is ran by feds while this place is ran by based mods
>>35847 >kek, your site reeks of honeypot glowie admin you're looking for a patsy to goad into attempting a shooting so you can arrest him and look like your job is worth existing can't let people think it's time to repeal the patriot act. You are fucking on the dark net nigger using tor.Are you fucking retarded were not here to "grouping up" or anything nigger this place is just for people who think that a violent revolution needs to happen across the western world.If you don't want to talk about day of the rope etc then fuck off to 16chan or fascist you dumb nigger
(2.20 MB 1500x1024 demoralization-shills.png)
>>35487 Go back to Qresearch and VOOOTING for ZOGnald, you dumb boomer
good day "anons" i would like to ask of you where i can get in contact with the person that owns neinchan i work as a political journalist at VICE and would like an inside view into how neonazi groups operate and interact on the darkweb any help would be appreciated
>>35889 Sorry, but you have to be initiated by Sir Fjotolf Hansen's (i.e. Saint Breivik's) KNIGHTS TEMPLAR to get in contact with this board's Justiciar Knight. We don't just impart our operations to anyone.
>>35891 if the Justiciar Knight can get me in contact with the owner i would be glad to talk to him for an interview as well
>>35892 You called? I can only conduct interviews here in the open. The same is true for my underlings
>>35889 I can't tell if your a anon thats just shitposting just to meme.But if you are legit >>35891 >>35893 this two are just memeing on you I think Also your whole question is kind of retarded you can see for your self how we "operate" and "interact" just by reading all the threads you will see common happenings like people being banned rightly so for having a different opinion etc.Where not organized etc.What you should of asked something different because theirs not "inside view" to me a inside view would be having the same options as us and going on nein when where bored or when we heard of a happening that just happened.
>>35893 thank you for being available so quick i would like to ask you a few questions what is your opinion on the current state of image boards? why do you choose to come here instead of something identical to this place like Plebbit or 4kike? are you afraid of being arrested? how did you get into this position? why do you choose to discuss on a hidden imageboard instead of a place with more users to interact with like twitter? do you think that neinchan deserves its reputation of being of being a safe haven for terrorist discussion? i have some more questions but i would like to reserve a few special ones for the owner of neinchan >>35894 it would certainly be interesting but i simply do not understand a lot of the chan lingo and memes
>>35895 *Plebbit
>>35896 it appears there is a wordfilter in place i have no clue what it is supposed to mean but i guess a more experienced channer like yourself would know
>>35895 >what is your opinion on the current state of image boards? We are more well-organized than ever. This board is usually reported as "deep web", but in reality Nein is just the tip of the iceberg. I am afraid that I cannot tell you about our more confidential chat services and boards, but they exist, and this is where the real discussion goes on out of site of journos like you guys. Very few get access. 8chan was like cutting the head off a hydra. More boards shut up instantly. >why do you choose to come here instead of something identical to this place like Plebbit or 4kike? They are compromised, ran by Zionists and not good places to discuss serious ways to stop the replacement of our people. >are you afraid of being arrested? No, I am behind several proxies at this point. >how did you get into this position? I was chosen by people already initiated by Sir Fjotolf Hansen. Tarrant too was Knight. There are a variety of intermediaries between him and the higher Knights. It is a secret order, much like the original Templars. >why do you choose to discuss on a hidden imageboard instead of a place with more users to interact with like twitter? See the section on 4kike and Plebbit. >do you think that neinchan deserves its reputation of being of being a safe haven for terrorist discussion? Yes of course
>>35895 im not the person your talking to but if we go on plebbit,twitter and 4kike we will be banned for talking about our options also when ever people do talk about the stuff we talk about they are sometimes put under arrest questioned by government agents etc.Also I swear if you take more then 50% of what >>35898 seriously and make a whole paper on it you retards are completely retarded if you can't tell which parts are jokes
>>35898 thank you again for responding so quickly these viewpoints are nothing i have heard before but they are very interesting i just have some other questions for you i scrolled through the posts and noticed someone posting with red letters that said "board owner" as their name is this the owner of neinchan? are you friends with him/her? what is your opinion of him/her? what is your opinion on the general management of this website? why do so many posters here claim that this website is of a higher quality than other chan sites?
>>35899 i am quite new to chan culture and i know many people around your circles take chans very seriously i honestly do not know and have good faith that he is helping me get some more info on this place
>>35889 someone get the BO in here he needs to see this shit
>>35900 again not the anon your talking to but im just going to answer the part about management.The management is great they feel like any other anon their not like the power hungry mods from other chans *except 16chan their pretty cool too why it is higher quality is because the management is just better spammers,Supposed gun runners tying to sell us shit that is probably a scam shills etc are quickly deleted and again the mods interact nicely with the everyday anon also everything >>35898 is correct.Except the it goes deeper and the Justiciar knights stuff also I realize I should shut up because the other anon says everything better but don't care tbh this is interesting**
>>35904 damn it how did i ** all of fucking that for FF eh what ever
>>35904 thank you also for giving your opinion at other sites they seem to speak rather negatively about moderators and janitors interesting how that works
>>35900 >is this the owner of neinchan? No, he is superior to me. >are you friends with him/her? I rarely talk to my superior, though he is aware of my actions. >what is your opinion of him/her? He does a great service to our people. >what is your opinion on the general management of this website? Based and redpilled.
>>35907 thank you so much again for your answers this should be enough i thank you all for your help and i hope the "board owner" will maybe take notice
>>35908 wait no i forgot one a lot people talk about mental illness being related to political standing this more a question for all "anons" here how do you feel usually? are you in a stable mental state? do you often feel suicidal tendencies? have any of you ever been diagnosed with any mental conditions?
>>35909 That's such a retarded question but I will answer it I have two learning disorders because I flunked elementy because I was stupid and thought school was for fighting and liked beating the shit out of everyone and usually won but some times lost but later on got better grades then most like 4.0 etc and when to universality.
(364.60 KB 894x894 press.jpg)
>>35899 Well, if you believe this nigger is really a journalist you are just as dumb. People interested in doxxing site owner can only be considered an enemy to kick out on the spot, and even if he was a real journo he only deserves to be told to fuck off into the oven with his masters, where they belong.
(451.54 KB 478x382 vice interview.mp4)
(24.05 KB 970x643 vice.png)
>>35926 I have a small hope of an article. I'd love to see the info so kindly given out by our local Justiciar Knight published or written up somewhere. >>35939 Top kek
>>35941 If it was a "real" (((journalist))) there'd be no need for xim/xer to ask questions, they can just lurk and take screenshots of whatever they see posted. If anything this nigger here >>35889 might be some discord nigger trying to discover site owner's identity to infiltrate this website and/or getting him vanned.
>>35944 real journos are fucking retarded and i would not be surprised if this was real
>>35899 real cringe post there lad
>>35944 Exactly this. I mentioned it before but the fact that anons actually responded in the first place and didn't just meme the answers is disappointing. You lads need to learn how to separate journos from alphabets and shitposters online. Alphabets are the ones asking for direct contact - journos don't and if they are proven journalists and still do, they operate on agency requests. Reminder that glowposting is easily recognized and they get nowhere so they have to tell journokikes to get desired information for them.
>>35981 No one really answered though, the one dude was trolling him
>>36029 >No one really answered though Never ever reply to people contacting you and trying to extort any sort of information from you. This is especially valid for people running places like Neinchan or chat rooms (though I am completely against partaking in conversations such as ours on any type of social media or communication app). Do you remember the Brenton Tarrant's lads telegram group? Well, one of the guys running it has been doxxed via fucking catfish. The dumbass thought he found some nice american pussy on goddamn telegram chatroom. Stop attention whoring online. Stop posting personal information. Stop posting pictures of yourself. Stop using recurrent alias. You are likely being watched, there are people literally doing this as a job. Do not trust anyone. https://archive.is/bfVyo
>>36075 People were literally giving false information. Do you really believe that Neinchan has a Justiciar Knight in charge of it or that we're a secret societies whose members are behind seven proxies? It was blatantly fake info for anyone with a brain
>>36075 People were literally giving false information. Do you really believe that Neinchan has a Justiciar Knight in charge of it or that we're a secret societies whose members are behind seven proxies? It was blatantly fake info for anyone with a brain
>>36079 >>36080 It was a general advice addressed to anyone reading (remember that there are lurkers here), it was not a reprimand to any specific anon.
(20.81 KB 256x192 150249450155.gif)
>>36080 >using reverse psychology to throw our enemies off the real command structure Smart
requesting the creation of a /v/ videogames board if anons and BO think its a good idea
>>36159 denied last /v/ we had BO didn't monitor regularly and went to shit however you are always free to create a vidya thread right here
(281.78 KB 1366x768 13.png)
(26.07 KB 128x127 1599831815700.png)
>>34900 admins really like my logo kek >>34880
>>36266 i like to reward effort anons put into oc dedicated to the site
>>36302 Here's my quick oc
>>983 I have a question for the Site Owner / Moderators. If I did an IRL Brenton-style shitpost and posted my manifesto here, would it be deleted or would the thread remain after I have accelerated in minecraft? Where would be the best places to share an Accelerationism in minecraft manifesto? >inb4 glownigger trying to shoah this place when its Tor-only anyway.
>>36547 Already been discussed, newfren. Manifesto must be posted in highly MSM places such as 4ch*n, plebbit, twitter, instagram and facebook.
>>36547 (1) You won't do anything you nigger (2) Neinchan is a board of peace dedicated to Minecrafting, only post on violent boards like 4kike
>>36547 seeing as this is clearly just a comedic post i will explain it they would probably just archive the post to minimize damage but seeing as you are cleary just joking they wouldnt need to worry about this also >>36549 is probably just best for your epic prank
(60.12 KB 640x446 1471529856340.jpg)
>>36547 Nein is a board of peace. Don't post it here, put it on several pastebins and backup URLs that are also linked to where you post it elsewhere. And just because it's Tor-only doesn't mean it can't be shut down.
>>36547 nein is a board of peace post manifesto on here first and live steam and post the link for both all over don't know how you would have the live stream stopped if you do so but I have no idea but remember anon nein chan is a board of peace you would have to speak to the mods and owner about it if they show up and see your post I kind of find it funny because one of the first posts on here is about making explosives/napalm yet is not deleted
>>36620 Are these docs attached to a malware, agent?
>>36674 Mods already deleted this same post of yours a few hours ago, CIAnigger. We are not downloading your bug infested "terrorist" material, kikelicker. Fuck off, you are not welcome.
(87.31 KB 736x445 georgians1.jpeg)
(194.05 KB 900x600 georgians2.jpeg)
May I ask why my "are Georgians White" thread was deleted? Like what rule(s) did I break?
>>36678 Maybe they thought it was better QTDDTOT stuff
>>36679 Wrong, CIAnigger. Feds went to bother the Jousha Moon 9chan guy when someone posted bomb making material on his imageboard. Now you do the same shit here, in our board of peace. You want our based mods and site owner to be vanned. You are mad this board is still up on TOR where you can't "deplatform" it via cuckflare. Fuck off. >>36681 This is a thread discussing the rules and the site. You are shitposting in it. You are a foreigner tourist disturber, you are like a stain of shit on clean laundry. We see you. Fuck off.
>>36678 one liner thread irrelevant question just kill them
to the epic minecrafter posting minecraft recipes: dont do it on neinchan this information is easily accessed on even sites like 4 kike and any dedicated player with high crafting skill will already have known about it server admins dont like it when you metagame like this and will only want more reason to ban our clan from the server but it seems you are just a low level noob trying to troll us so git gud or stay of our lvl4+ clan
>>36705 stuff like that is not illegal but it still belongs on /k. We haven't one so it goes to our brother board anon.cafe where they got one.
(190.33 KB 780x260 balliet-banner.jpg)
banner i made
>>36719 >nobody expects the internet SS kek, was this a reference to Monty Python's sketch? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobody_expects_the_spanish_inquisition
>>36719 added as banner
>>36721 maybe you can write to stephan balliet and ask him, i was just quoting him in his livestream
>>36779 Calm your ego, faggot agent. You're not the first one to try and shut down Nein and you won't be the last.
(143.10 KB 1152x554 1491896842548.jpg)
(185.33 KB 1200x1200 victory or siberia.jpg)
I am the author of this post btw >>36547 I have yet to see an official response. Complaining about the great replacement does not stop niggers from invading White countries. Killing non-Whites ends the invasion, ends jewry and ends cultural marxism. but anyone dares talking about hurting a jew and "GLOWNIGGER GLOWNIGGER HE'S CIA" It is my duty to remove invaders and ZOG. I will not do nothing like 90% of you reading this, which enables ZOG to take more freedoms away incrementally. By killing the enemy, you stop events like the Stockholm truck attack before it even happens. Collapse the system and build the NS state; releasing White people from jewish enslavement, or perish. >>36549 >4cuck (google botnet) banned from there >Plebbit OK but would it get any viewers before it is shut down by (((mods)))? >twitter >instagram and facebook If I posted my manifesto there, it would not get any views, because I wouldn't have any followers/friends. The best idea seems to be to post it here, and all the other active imageboards except for 4kike, as well as plebbit, with links to an externally hosted PDF and hope it disseminates well. >>36553 >pastebins Pastebin is cucked. They delete all the red pill pastebins. >>36618 There is videos on fucking youtube how to make napalm, any idiot could put styrofoam, dish soap and petrol together >>36647 >>36677 What was posted? Are you assuming I posted this alleged cianig manual?
>>36839 Are you even able to read the answers you were given? Tarrant's and Crusius' holy shitposts taught us the lesson that if you post your Minecraft instructions on a fringe place, (((they))) will easily crush it, while the big bosses stay up (faceberg and twitter in the case of Tarrant, Twitch in the case of Balliet). So if you come here saying you will start your game in Minecraft, it's equal to say that you want our only place left for free speech deleted and our based mods harassed by the feds, period. Tarrant posted on multiple places to have a higher chance of having its material spreading, and that still is the most correct way to deliver the message. Exploit the pervasive network the kikes built to hook the NPCs: there are plenty of social networks with billions users, dozens of services for livestreaming, uploading platform, forums and also imageboards. There are millions of users on 4kike, even if a tranny jannie would delete your post after a few minuter, rest assured that someone would screenshot it or archive it just in case - and if there is one place that deserves to be targeted for deletion that's 4kike and one should definitely show up there. But in the end, you won't do anything, nigger. Breivik and Tarrant kept their lips sealed and just played their Minecraft game without going around the internet with their mouths working overtime. So, stop bothering us with your attention whoring and moral preaching.
(19.42 KB 601x601 156781188568.jpg)
>>36839 >>36841 Forgot to add >banned from 4kike Look, I am a complete brainlet and even I know how to evade a 4kike ban. Come the fuck on, newfag.
>>36841 I do not want this place to be deleted, I support this bastion of NS thought. There are billions of users on facebook, but if I were to make an account, who would see it? nobody because nobody would know the account. Same with twitter, if I created an account there would be no followers. >>36842 4kike is blocked by ISPs in my country. The only way to access it is through Tor and VPNs which are banned on 4kike. ad hominems mean nothing to me.
>>36843 >4kike is blocked by ISPs in my country u wot m8 Are you chinese?
(54.58 KB 1286x624 cuckflare.jpg)
>>36839 You don't need an official response you disingenuous nigger. Nobody here calls you a glow for hurting a jew. It's obvious you're not from around here and just baiting to stir shit up. >Pastebin is cucked. They delete all the red pill pastebins. There are thousands of pastebins. Not just a single website. It's a type of service, generic like the word torrent. You could post it to a bunch of them and link dump it all over along with a PDF of it you attach wherever. Use your imagination "White man" and do test runs with test content.
>>36839 Just go remove some invaders faggot so I can make memes about you, you're gonna get v& if you keep running your mouth, even if you're LARPing
>>36839 >Complaining about the great replacement does not stop niggers from invading White countries.Killing non-Whites ends the invasion, ends jewry and ends cultural marxism. Your right anon personally I see it more beneficial if we kill jewish politicians making this shit happen the people responsible.Also were not calling you a glownigger we just don't want this chan shut down. >If I posted my manifesto there, it would not get any views, because I wouldn't have any followers/friends. you can post the link of the Pastebin all over the place with the words "live stream or remember lads" something similar so we know what it is and can make sure the live stream is not deleted >The best idea seems to be to post it here, and all the other active imageboards except for 4kike, as well as plebbit, with links to an externally hosted PDF and hope it disseminates well. Yes it would be but we don't want our chan deleted jernos and feds a like believe us a terrorist organization and you would prove them right also are you going to do a live stream too or just a manifesto?I'd say stop messing with us post the manifesto everywhere before feds get you because if I was a fed I would work round the clock to track you down and kill you so go on soyboy HAIL VICTORY!
>>36859 >Mods made the word c o m r a d e to soyboy Kek
>>36860 >Mods made the word c o m r a d e to soyboy sad, in Germany c o m r a d e is Kamerad and prefered adress among right-wingers as was in the NSDAP and normal in the armed forces.
>>36864 explain more and elaborate on why this board is anti White anon
(1.53 MB 1273x715 Untitlbhked.png)
>>36863 Thanks for the heads up, Kamerad
>>36869 Im not a mod so I can't grantee it I switch back here every min from working on something then going back to nein lol
>retard posts about nein being anti White >attempted raid happens are they trying again?
>>36863 good, kamerad is the only way you should say it anyways
>>36875 >>36874 Holy fuck I really need to learn to type tbh
>>36883 yes and as usual its futile the worst they can do is shake up the bump order but thats about it
Should we open a thread dedicated to the US election to discuss it specifically or should we stick to /hp/ or QTDDAT? Final decision to the mods, if you deem it useful for the upcoming weeks of election frenzy I will make the thread.
>>36891 Do whatever you see fit
(8.70 KB 623x102 deleted.PNG)
Why is the post this is responding to deleted? What is wrong with hoping that Zion Don dies from Coronachan? The best said that Biden should die too. Go suck some MIGA cock, faggots
>>37093 low effort post, nigger >>37037
>>37094 The post you deleted was hardly more "low effort" than that reply you linked. Face it, you're butthurt because Zion Don was criticized
>>370,95 bud check the post he linked, you fucking ape >>37037
>>37095 >too braindead to realize that the post is still there >thinks this board likes any side in the election debate you must be lost 4kike is that way, magatard
(19.29 KB 774x167 Captggfure.PNG)
>>37095 anon, the post is still there what are you on about
>>37095 You must create a dank OC redeem yourself from this embarassment. Also I noticed some discrepencies between front page and the individual thread view probably caused by caching that may have confused you.
>>37105 >>37103 >>37102 >>37100 >>37099 Look at the screencapped post with the greentext, whoever made the post typed the post number wrong and wrote >>370024 instead of >>37024. So it wasn't deleted and whoever made the post must have manually typed the number
(207.89 KB 570x570 coomers-out.jpg)
May I ask why /b/ was deleted without warning?
>>37134 >whoever made the post must have manually typed the number yep that was me, JS is disabled for security reasons so always have to type myself. Never thought it would spark drama like that lol
>>37148 too much porn kept getting uploaded
>>37159 Based Coomers can go back to cuckchan
>>37159 >too much porn kept getting uploaded was that really the case? are you admin or just a random anon? t. former BO of /b/ >>37190 thanks fren
Shills bumping old threads to samefag namefag
a certain thread has been archived due to concerns related to prying eyes on our board
>>37473 Yeah, I was wondering what mods were going to do. I am sure it was just a LARP.
>>37473 Don't worry, I took multiple screenshots.
(333.55 KB 948x316 Untitled-1.png)
made a new banner for nein (ive included some pollock humor in this one)
>>37778 Eh that looks more like a /fascist/ banner also the word faggot looks random af their
>>37782 a faggot is a bundle of sticks, and the fasces is a bundle of sticks, faggot.
(198.04 KB 512x384 280.png)
>>37778 Questionable leftypol-tier humor tbh. Pic related is better humor about the same word.
(499.79 KB 640x360 Asdfasd-1.mp4)
So, why was the jew list thread deleted?
>>38274 True, I didn't notice until you mentioned.
>>38278 It was up for days, and then it suddenly gets (((deleted))). This is all public info, and was mainly for infograph purposes.
>>38279 yeah it's odd.
Either a mod had a dipshit moment and doesn't want to admit it or they did it on purpose and are fagging out Anyhow I encourage you to make the thread again If it gets deleted again we know that someone among us is not to be trusted
Fuck bros did anyone archive that thread because we probably lost a shit ton of names. Some of it is saved on /fascist/ on Anon Cafe, but not several letters we did here.
Well, is anon who created an original thread about "jew orgs" is still here ? Answer me if you are. I'm another anon who helped you with C an H part of name list. I will just repost it again.
>>38286 I'm still here. I've only got A and B, plus D through G. Did anyone save the partial J list I had posted? I would have saved it but didn't for whatever reason (obviously I wasn't expecting for it to get nuked on Nein of all places, but that's my fault). I'll make a new thread. Hopefully someone saved some of the stuff that we don't have. It would be annoying to do shit I've already done, but whatever I've already put enough time in it and others like you have helped so I gotta keep pushing through.
>>38288 again my most sincere apologies information like this should like this should be well archived
>>38320 huh cool you didn't read the thread your in like me but ur acting kind of like a shill so reported :)
>>38321 Seethe yid
>>38322 >seethe yid Ok tard Xb
>90% of posts today were "guise mods r gay amiright?" probably more seething d&c kikes
>>38321 >>38322 What was in the deleted posts?
>>38333 pretty much what this anon talked mentioned >>38331
>>38334 *talked about
>>38334 Same stuff someone is saying on /fascist/. I hope this was a mistake, although I doubt such a mistake could realistically have been made. The deletion of such a thread puts a big fucking interrogation mark on the otherwise previously based moderation of this board. I hope this gets cleared asap because it's assured there's always been people shilling for "divide and conquer" between the two boards Nein/pol/ and /fascist/, and the deletion of the jew org thread might have been an action by an hostile jannie in spite of an idea that was originally developed on /fascist/. It could be also a compromise solution to move the jew org research thread from /pol/ to the /fascist/ bunker here on Nein.
This, the rogue mod needs to be found and rooted out. There are only two ways that the thread could have been deleted. Either by the admins, or by one of the jannies. I'd like to assume it's a rogue janny
>>38356 Wouldn't surprise me if someone from the out of band channels like the minecraft server infiltrated using social engineering to get a janny position. That kind of thing happens on a lot of boards. Not that I know one way or another.
>>38362 >infiltrated using social engineering to get a janny position. I don't even think that. I guess some of them just sperged out because he thought its a doxxing/attack thread and now doesnt own up to it. We had this shit in the past then jannies mass deleted half the board because they were scared there was CP somewhere, it wasnt
>>38365 >jannies mass deleted half the board because they were scared there was CP somewhere, it wasnt kek, when did this happen? if this were the case, the jannie who did this should just come in the open and admit he fucked up, it's not a tragedy. the problem would be if the deletion was due to one of these possibilities 1) to annoy /fascist/ crossposters for the sake of it 2) for threats received by kikes or feds 3) for being compromised (worse case scenario) There is also the possibility that he thought such thread could draw too much attention from kikeglowniggerfags and endanger the site's survival. This would not be the first thread to be deleted as a precaution on this site.
>deletes anti-kike thread to own the /fascist/s If this is true it's almost gayer and more petty than any other possible scenario, especially when they were working at doing something that would benefit all White Nationalists. Nice job calling your entire board into question
>someone reports thread/comment for spam >janny/mod sees spam report >drug dealer posted only days before >deletes reported content without checking, thinking it's drug dealer We still don't know who deleted it but there's not a mod who'd shoa a thread like that on purpose.
>>38369 >there's not a mod who'd shoa a thread like that on purpose. There's no way for us to just believe that. Either the admins have a jewish sleeper agent as a janny, or they themselves deleted it. What type of lazy fuck would just delete without checking?
>>38374 >What type of lazy fuck would just delete without checking? Need I remind you, a mod deleted whole meme thread before despite single comments being listed because he was too lazy to check content. Don't always jump to worst conclusions m8 sometimes it simple as a lazy mod. And I think the reason for no one coming out over it is bc they didn't check what they deleted so how would they know it was them?
>>38366 >kek, when did this happen? Dont remember, but at least half a year and that's what the mod wrote here somewhere as he was confronted. It was at least understandable, though.
(66.11 KB 803x388 big fuckup.PNG)
>>38369 pretty much this pic related was in the large pile of reports most likely one of the mods just cleared the reports and didnt notice to make sure the content can stay up one of the mods also decided he is gonna archive the thread on an external site soon
>>38386 >relatively minor fuckup happens >kikes and drugbots appears instantly trying to shake the board as much as possible honestly feel bad for you that a small mistake gets you this much shit, probably wasnt the first time this happened as well
>>38386 >pic related was in the large pile of reports That's a troll report I made this afternoon though
>>38386 >pic related was in the large pile of reports >was in the large pile of reports What type of kikery are you trying to poor now? I made that report to troll a few hours ago. I highly doubt that there was a "large pile of reports" since then
>>38391 >>38390 >one report made by two people you arent even trying rabbi
>>38388 noticed this as well as soon as they see an opportunity to attack the board they take it
>>38390 >>38391 Are you completely retarded? What's even the point of a "troll report"? And why "troll report" that thread specifically? Fuck off you mongoloids, kys
fuckin' slow we are today, aren't we? What's up with the server?
>>38428 this also what's with all the double posts? connection is a shit.
Isn't there a way to add multiple attachments to a single post using Tor and having JS disabled? That would be super helpful. Also sort the server out, it's fucking awful to post right now.
>>38456 ??? CTRL+click on multiple files, as far as I know it works.
(40.92 KB 404x538 forever_not_alone.jpg)
(169.63 KB 354x270 nuke_leafs.png)
>>38463 >CTRL+click on multiple files Fuck, why didn't I come up with this on my own. Thanks anyways!
>>38284 no respawn yet >>38288 f# still has a large part of the original list in their weimerica thread
>>38362 can't someone code an auto-archive thread when one gets deleted so the deletion can be reviewed by two other mods before confirmation of the deletion? it is not kikeproof though since some enemy mods would probably try to delete many posts first to render the thread useless before being reported, so some piece of code would also have to keep an eye on odd mod activity and also, perhaps, do a ghost copy of deleted messages and move them into a dustbin that will autopurge after 48h but on which no one but admins can manually force any purge, so you would always be assured that the deleted posts remain readable to mods during 48h before they d be deleted for good does that make sense??
>>38496 >f# still has a large part of the original list in their weimerica thread That's stuff we already have. Everything that was lost was Neinchan exclusive.
>>38368 yeah thats so fag that it immediately jumps into the lolno realm of possibilities >>38381 i dont think anons will bite, we understand fuckups and bo is ok with respawn >>38386 >>38390 >>38391 >>38392 fug whats going on exactly?? >>38403 the prescience is mad tho am i reading this correctly, that a member makes a troll report on a thread not yet deleted, that is going to get deleted, and thread does get deleted some time after the report is sent?
>>38500 No, there was drama over the new jew list thread, and some anon thought he'd get a laugh if he reported the new thread with some Hebrew in the report, likely so he would get the admins to post about it. The thread is still up and no one deleted it.
>>38499 mkay so, we're in 2020, yet some people type long lists of text but dont type text in text file first to copy paste long lists of text on chan? clown world through and thorough lol but still sad :o(
>>38501 i see now right, i had bad optics well gotta sleep anyway bye
one more thing looks like anon cafe is down on clearnet did they have an onion?
>>38505 tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion this is onion but it's down as well it's not the first time it happens
>>38505 Yup, it's down again. Hopefully it's not down all day again though
>>39118 just ignore the nigger, it's simple. they survive on having an actual feedback, just don't grant them one.
(526.86 KB 779x1326 fuckenlol.png)
stay mad faggots
>>39154 BASED They've been flooding Balliet thread all day. For him being a "loser" they are putting much effort in trying to slander him in our eyes. They cannot accept White people being united against the enemies. Leftists and niggers are supposed to cheer their own people and lionize them no matter how much of a failure they are, while we should be constantly divided and shun our Saints and Disciples? The fact that we stay consistent with our beliefs drives them literally mad.
>>39156 Nothing about killing innocent Whites is heroic. I'm not a leftist or a nigger, I just don't support someone killing innocent fellow Whites for the sake of their own selfish notoriety and then using White nationalism to rationalize it. It's shallow and pathetic and makes us look pathetic. I was actually trying to bring up serious discussion, but my posts keep getting deleted. Obviously no one here values serious discussion, so I'll shut up about it. Sorry I don't worship a literal retard like the rest of you
>>39158 one of them was a fat landwhale and the other one didnt even look White
>>39158 >serious discussion spoken like a true shill fuckk off
>>39160 Nice argument, fag
>>39158 >one liners and "no you"-tier rebuttals >"""serious discussion""" We don't disavow White disciples here, lurk more or leave, tourist.
>>39161 reported for concern trolling and not lurking in appropriate thread where this has been beaten to death
(1.34 MB 2549x2387 waco.jpg)
>>39158 We know he fucked up by panicking and killing Whites if you weren't a newfag you'd know that since it was all already discussed long ago. He even admitted himself it was a mistake and nobody worships him he just gets recognition for trying even if he fucked up. You aren't the special snowflake dropping dank logic bombs that you think you are because it's all already been said you are just forcing a childlike one-sided slant to it.
>>39161 >she deserved to die because she was fat? yes
>>39167 you talking shit but you didnt even do anything close to what balliet did so i got more respect for him than for some cuck ass nigger opticsfagging about muh poor bystanders
>>39170 >I've been here ever since 8pol was still up ... >Saints and disciples are irrational spree shooter You are not fooling anyone. Go away.
>>39175 You also said >pleasing some retards on an imageboard It's us you're talking about, fuckface. We don't disavow White warriors here. Go away.
>anons try to doxx twitter tranny >raid happens a while after in same thread >most likely they tried to slide the thread to get rid of evidence of the tranny looks like they are scared, good
(9.29 KB 420x420 pepe think.png)
>>39285 What a coincidence that a raid would happen so soon afterwards >>39168 Based
>>39286 we should finish the doxx then subhumans must pay for being on our board
>>39287 I spent about an hour looking for more leads, but I was unable to find anything. I would love to doxx this faggot though
>>39289 If he keeps bothering us can dig into osint tools and finish the dox
>>39289 >>39312 Anon found the archive of xir account and xir pictures, check the Neinchan observers thread.
>>39315 I saw I mean we can go way way further if we need to
>>39331 Let's see. If the freak decides to step up xir game and call xir tranny friends to flood the board we should definitely go on with the dox. If xe just stays away, then it's fine to have had some laughs.
>>39337 I would have gone all the way already in doxing already, but I could not find any more leads. I've only doxxed successfully once, so I'm not that skilled. Don't let that turn anyway away from trying though.
>>39401 >Technology under development includes the i9 drone, which is powered by six rotors and carries two shotguns. Remotely operated, it is intended to be used to storm buildings, typically an urban warfare situation that generates some of the highest casualties. First drone high score when?
(482.80 KB 4375x3069 Tor_blocked.png)
>>39401 >goes after tor Is it possible to just reconfigure Tor?
>>39401 >that link This is off topic in this thread, anyway: armies are getting rid of "conservative leaning" people, you can easily find dozens of reported cases especially in jewSA and Germany. This basically means getting rid of White men - this has been confirmed by official military research and papers. Said papers also confirm that the final goal is to have a "diverse" army made of women and non Whites until needed, which means until most of human soldiers can be replaced by fairly reliable robotic units. Also, military industrial complex knew many years in advance that the world order would have been turned upside down within the second decade of 2000s. Everything that is currently happening is in no way random, but it has been planned a very long time ago. This is really a whole topic that should not be discussed ITT, I can link the sources to you in a different thread if you want to read them.
>>39407 >fairly reliable robotic units. implying robots/AI can ever be anything else than Darwinist anon, I'm disappoint
>>39408 It's not my opinion, you can literally read for yourself what their plans and strategies are. Here's the official military paper >>31960
Do you care if we make an /xpol/ thread for various topics that are more "out there"? I was thinking of making a board but another anon said it would be too slow. Also, if so can you remove the word filter on "fl.at earth"?
>>39840 I am pro /xpol/ but even more pro fresbee earth wordfilter - it's fucking hilarious, kudos to mods. If you intend to open the /x/ thread to discuss fresbee earth, don't even bother though.
anyone feeling the heat rising bros? feels like somethings gonna pop off soon
>>39951 looks they turned up the slow boil means we gotta turn it up too we are wasting too much time (not on neinchan but the movement as a whole) on petty arguing about gay optics but instead we should be gearing up for war and sharing information about potential targets and weaponry fuck optics, collateral damage is cool and everyone that isnt with us is our enemy
>>39954 This place is an information clearing house not a base of operations. If you want to turn it up you need to primarily think and act beyond the internet.
What happened? Can't make threads when I could earlier. >500 >Wrong answer or expired captcha. Capture was before confirmed as solved, also when I try again I get "500 flood detected". WTF?!!
(291.97 KB 1938x1080 jlB2QV5wVxg.jpg)
>>39954 >we should be gearing up for war and sharing information about potential targets and weaponry http://c7hqkpkpemu6e7emz5b4vyz7idjgdvgaaa3dyimmeojqbgpea3xqjoid.onion/watch?v=jlB2QV5wVxg
(168.81 KB 1125x858 ba64c8d1c128.jpg)
more like deradicalization shill you slimey semitic otherkin
>>39976 Ok, deradicalization shill. Keep playing the optics game while niggers burn down your home.
>>39976 >If you keep calling for violent shit, the lefties point their fingers at nationalists and become stronger until its too late. that gives me a great idea, let's just lefties do their shit and then point our fingers at them. This will work totally ... oh wait, it wont
>>39976 >violence is weakness >war is peace
(38.90 KB 450x677 grenfell sam hyde.jpeg)
>>39969 We've identified the man behind the mask. His name is Sam Hyde.
>>39969 I use to be on board with the optics cucks, as I saw them as a potential gateway for independent thinkers into White Nationalism. I have changed my mind with the recent events. There are two types of redpills. The standard redpill and the suppository redpill. With acceleration, people will get redpilled via suppository form, which, in my opinion, is superior to the standard redpill. For instance, if a man gets beaten by non-Whites, he gets a redpill suppository, and these are the most effective. I was redpilled via the suppository, back when I first watched a Tim Wise video, and I'll tell you what, hearing the words from the horses mouth itself pushed me into listening to Pierce's broadcasts. Being a White foster kid raised by Black parents redpilled my friend. They bathed him in hot water when he did something wrong, beat him, pawned shit he bought with his paper route, and lastly, gouged his eye out. The authorities did nothing, and he only left because he ran away. Personally, I find the redpill suppository more effective, and through acceleration, Conservacucks will get the suppository.
>>39969 Cool documentary, cool guns, but the guy who makes them is a cuck.
>>39969 >>40077 A wise anon can look at videos like these and treat them like creating cheese, extract the information (the cheese solid) and filter out the goo (blue pills).
(49.53 KB 445x640 865.jpg)
>>983 hey wtf happened to /incel/? unbased
>>40212 shit was already discussed m8
>>40214 It wasn't a troll thread, I was serious. Pretty gay that it got deleted
(464.19 KB 938x938 really nigger.png)
>>40212 >>40215 >you're a double nigger if you took those threads seriously >it wasn't a troll thread, I was serious
>>40220 >nooo only talk about what I want!!!!
(17.96 KB 562x570 yes_awd.jpg)
Is Neinchan prepared for the influx of mad newfags? When section 230 is inevitably repealed by leftists there'll be no 4kike anymore and we'll be one of the last free sites left. Will we be inclusive and welcoming to our new faggot brothers?
>>40648 Luckily the only real conduit to here is from /fascist/. And /fascist/ itself isn't really known to cuckchan
(58.01 KB 784x811 1475917621556.jpg)
I was really worried Nein wouldn't come back. I feel utter despair when I think that with Nein gone, there is literally no good place left for me to post. Yeah /fascist/ is fine, but it's not the same. Sorry for faggot-tier blogpost, can you guys tell us why the 2 days downtime?
>>40672 Possible server spasm but I think BO has more information. If it would've been something severe, we would've let you guys know on /fascist/. Remember that downtime happens every few months for a couple of days.
>>40673 Glad nothing major happened. Good to be back lad.
(421.64 KB 1015x1527 uprising pepe.png)
What is the best attack a lone wolf with limited resources can do? I have a 3D-printed toy in minecraft but I haven't figured out how to get the tools to manafacture ammo, since my country is very heavily guncucked. buying ammo is not an option Carefully planned out strikes against invaders at night, maintaining anonymity seems the best way. Not getting caught or captured is extremely important. There is multiple advantages + traceless ammo, if I can make it + Reduced number of witnesses + bad nighttime CCTV, if any at all + 'murders' against strangers are extremely difficult to solve when no forensic evidence (i.e. your prints) have been left. The police catch most killers because they are stupid and kill somebody that they know out of rage or niggers nigging. This is specifically for my meincraft server.
>>40822 I meant to post this in QTDDAT/One Liners #2. Nevermind.
>>40822 Use a brass-catcher bag so you don't leave brass behind. Shoot from inside a room or vehicle, ideally lined with sound cancelling material, that will act as a sound suppressor. Shotgun shells are probably some of the easiest to make especially with some form of BBs as buck shot if we're talking about Minecraft mods
>>40830 Shotguns require you to get very close to your target penguin. How would a miner mine 9mm diamonds?
>>40831 It's not like you'll be a sniper with 9mm as a nofuns without practice and a shit 3d printed fun. But get them from some shady guy like any other criminal would.
>>40822 hypothetically speaking
>>40822 I got you brother. Hopefully this will be of help. OPSEC WARNING: Now just for sake of reference even though I do AV scans be a bit wary about .pdf files because they can contain exploits, to my awareness TOR browser DOES mitigate this however the best solution if you are a person that want to take no risk at all use Encrypted offline(no network) VirtualBox of operating system of your choosing with a usb stick to dump these files in for research purposes. The encryption part will also help you isolate your workstation and leave no evidence for ZOG should you raise any suspicions. Also please give up the Pedo Bill Gate's Winblows. There's literally almost nothing linux can't do nowadays. So far my ClamAV with modded db has been proven effective in detecting meta's in pdf of which there were 2, however I'm not sure of it's accuracy I will also be commencing a dump of some other really cool minecraft mods for fellow Reichstation 5 gamers who want to research.
Spyro 2 educational purpose only of course As the jews quite literally double down on stalinist communist tyranny on us as in, they have just proven they will under any pretense, anything can happen now, it's telling as regardless of economic or social consequence they follow through with their (((plans))). So It's very pressing that people pay attention now and are prepared to face this reality. Because looking at things now quite literally nothing is out of the scope or realms of possibility when it comes to Terrorist-ZOG now. Regardless, I hope all of you enjoy the holidays and I wish you a merry Juletide.
(554.28 KB 999x927 .png)
>>40844 >>40843 >>40842 has anyone ever tried making these?
(11.61 MB 720x480 howtomakeasuppressor.webm)
>>40845 St balliet praise his name did. Also many test firings of Luty too, works. None of these are complicated. Mac10 is also a super simple just works design, it is a concealable cqc gun and the added benefit of making barrel thread will be having a suppressor, something which is GOAT status for self defense. If you make mac to take .45 ammo you will have it factory subsonic. The problem for anything but 12ga is ammo. 12ga is easy and powerful. Arguably the simplest basic solution is slamfire shotgun, which is simply a damn 1 shot threaded pipe that basically everyone and their grandmother can make.
>>40822 Combat 18 guidebook specifically for you anon, contains a lot of info on forensics, investigations, cop tactics and how to spot them, etc.
>>40849 What were the flaws in Balliet's weapons though? I mean, they worked, but they weren't reliable enough.
>>40839 I have read this PDF and found many difficulties. It requires you to purchase spent ammunition and catridges. If I bought those items I would be vanned before I could make anything. I have to assume that all my clearnet traffic is being monitored by LEA already and I could not pay for those items with a bank card through TOR. My country is heavily guncucked, so anything at all to do with weapons is forbidden unless you get the permit which means being registered and visited by pigs.
>>40861 >unless you get the permit which means being registered and visited by pigs. Breivik and Tarrant did it. Don't knock it completely
>>40861 To further that, there is no possible way that I could buy primers.
>>40863 I cannot legally own firearms because I've been a bad goy.
>>40865 Ah, I see.
>>40858 I think it was something related to the propellant (something to do with sugar) he used which caused issues? Also he didn't test his guns well enough.
>>40858 >What were the flaws in Balliet's weapons though? I mean, they worked, but they weren't reliable enough. They were surprisingly reliable for full-auto weapons and homemade ammo. In fact Balliet had no more failures than St Tarrant, he was just not able to clear his weapon. We will never know why it failed but streloks more knowledgeable than me have pointed to his sugar-based low-quality propellant as a potential source. >>40861 >I have read this PDF and found many difficulties. Try another one made by Luty, he's not only the inventor of the gun but also has a booklet on making ammo in a different way. Dont remember the name unfortunately, go to the cafe and ask in /k, they'll help. >>40864 >there is no possible way that I could buy primers. buy blanks you can extract the primers regardless this is really something you should ask in /k. not only wrong thread wrong board
(140.54 KB 500x344 tranny 3.png)
(474.45 KB 1920x1080 niggerick 2.png)
Wow, niggerick is back after so long
>>40865 These retarded "guns" are pure junk. Make IEDS instead, pressure cooker bombs are a good choice. They work best in crowded enclosed areas; a minecraft player for example could conceal a pressure cooker bomb with an electrical delay igniting system in a duffel bag and leave it in a crowded subway or in a school classroom.
>>40864 use percussion caps filled with mercury fulminate.
>>40865 then move to another country where you can.
>>40858 the only flaws present were in Balliet himself.
>>40822 how about you 3d-print your ammunition?😂😂😂
>>41132 Balliet is a hero for acting. He has proven that he is /ourguy/ in court, and has expressed regret for our mistakes. If you want to refute him, outdo him.
(131.89 KB 1484x989 earnest quote.jpg)
>>41135 We already know he fucked up. It wasn't his plan, he panicked. Also expressed remorse for it. You aren't presenting some dank insight nobody here has discussed before. The truth is some people who effortpost will roll a critical fail. It's not enough to have moral high ground without action. You have to combine both to rank above. Otherwise you're just another critic which requires 0 effort. But you care about our race and you're a deep thinker so I'm sure this all occurred to you.
Ignore and report derad-shills
>>41128 Acquiring Mercury fulminate / making it is a problem in its self >>41130 Not possible. >>41133 kek.
>>41135 >Me: 0 Yikes
(54.41 KB 681x720 5a09914be3fdsf08.jpg)
>>41140 mercury fulminate is made by nitration of pure mercury, by fuming (98%+) nitric acid. Both materials are commonplace and can be purchased over the counter without arousing suspicion. Liquid mercury can be extracted by breaking open mercury thermometers. Nitric acid can be bought at hardware stores, or can be made at home by distilling concentrated (98%+) sulfuric acid with a nitric salt (preferably potassium nitrate). If this is too much effort for you, I suggest you do not carry out an attack at all. >>41136 >Balliet panicked, so therefore what he did was not his fault I have been saying even if he panicked, we should still hold him responsible for his actions! STEPHAN BALLIET IS A FUCKING MURDERER!! >The truth is some people who effortpost will roll a critical fail Difference is he consciously shot at random Germans! He was aware of his actions and even if you argue that all of this is acceptable or something we can turn a blind eye to because he originally intended to carry a pro-White attack, he should still be regarded as any thing but a hero, or someone to aspire to replicate. If you argue he had no control over what he did, because he panicked then you shouldn't regard him as a hero, instead as crazy, reckless, or a very weak minded man, or all three. But I argue he was aware of his actions, and was fully capable of sparing at least the woman he killed, maybe he really thought the man he killed was Middle Eastern, I don't know. Balliet also tried to shoot another pedestrian in the distance right before he killed the woman, and another man who tried to help her after she had been shot. Thankfully on these both occasions his gun jammed. How about the married couple he shot and wounded because they wouldn't give him their car? At this point he had already given up on his attack and wanted to flee the scene. He did this to save his own neck, and two more innocent Whites could have been killed that day. Fucking unheroic behaviour. This is seldom mentioned by anyone on this board, instead it's always: "Balliet is a hero, Balliet is a Saint". Balliet is a cowardly inhuman swine and it makes me so upset when I hear this repetitious drivel.
>>41196 >nitric acid.can be purchased over the counter without arousing suspicion. lol that some glownigger shit, just buy nitric acid goy, it's safe, nobody will care that its on a controlled substances list >If this is too much effort for you, I suggest you do not carry out an attack at all. oh yeah do thing goy that's even better than fucking yourself over while buying chemicals haha, it's just what you want you dumb kike >Balliet If Saint Balliet is a murderer for accidentally killing a worthless celebrity stalking attention whore who refused to save her race by having kids and a degenerate in a kebab shop so is Hitler a 1000 times over you fucking 4kike level retard.
>>41196 >Balliet is a cowardly inhuman swine Says the coward with no score
>>41199 If you feel buying nitric acid is too dangerous, I've also told you that it is possible to make it yourself with a distilling apparatus and readily available chemicals. >oh yeah do thing goy that's even better than fucking yourself over while buying chemicals haha, it's just what you want you dumb kike I was just saying if you aren't willing to go though trouble and spend effort, you may not be ready to carry out an attack. >If Saint Balliet is a murderer for accidentally killing a worthless celebrity stalking attention whore who refused to save her race by having kids and a degenerate in a kebab shop so is Hitler a 1000 times over you fucking 4kike level retard. Huh? >>41200 WTF? You are saying I have to kill more Whites than Balliet? I have to kill more Whites than him to be able to critique slaying of innocent Whites? If not, care to clarify?
>>41201 Balliet has admitted he was in the wrong for killing Whites, yet you attack him for taking action at all. You are a jew
>>41203 >(((we))) you glow fedkike, we'll never disown the saints. fuck off
>>41205 >literally begging for mercy now LOL
>>41206 he can't help it. it's a jewish trait.
>>41196 >Both materials are commonplace and can be purchased over the counter without arousing suspicion. I have done research and the only website that sells liquid mercury are industrial websites that require your name and address and I think that would draw suspicion because what would be the excuse for purchasing it. I'd need a lot of thermos to get enough liquid. Nitric acid is also only sold online from what I've seen. You are patronizing and implying that this is simple when it is not. >Balliet is a cowardly inhuman swine You are a feces-covered rodent compared to the divine bravery and revolutionary spirit of Saint Stephan Balliet. >>41201 Not readily available.
(207.28 KB 460x299 98534d543212f.png)
>>41244 Look up homemadeprimercourse.pdf **Primers made from toy caps This method is the easiest, safest and least likely to get you on a federal watch list. On the other hand, the resulting primers are not very energetic and may fail to reliably ignite some powders. The best toy caps to use are made in Germany and can be found under various brand names at Walmart or at Dollar General. The caps made in China are inferior for use in cap primers. Don’t waste your money buying them. Here are the steps for making cap primers: Materials needed: a) leather punch or handheld 1/8” paper hole punch, b) rolls of good quality caps, c) bamboo skewer, d) fast pistol powder 1.Using a leather punch, cut out a number of cap blisters from the roll of caps to the appropriate size to fit inside of the primer cups you are reloading. For SP primers, I have found that hand held paper hole punches that make 1/8” holes will work well. As much as possible, try to center the cap blister in the punched out circle. Expect to accidently set off a few caps while doing this operation. If you do pop off a cap or two, carefully wash the punch when you have finished with hot water or the punch will quickly start to rust from the corrosive cap residue (i.e. just like your gun barrel.) 2.Place one cap circle inside of a prepared primer cup with the blister facing up and carefully pack it down with the end of a bamboo skewer. 3.To give the primer a little more energy, sprinkle a thin single layer of fine gunpowder over the cap. Bullseye is an excellent choice, but any fine grained pistol powder will work. I have a cup of scrap gunpowder I use for this purpose that was recovered from live rounds I occasionally find in the brass box at the range. 4.Place the second cap circle, blister side up, over the gunpowder and carefully pack it down with the bamboo skewer. 5.Finally, place a saved anvil over the cup and carefully/slowly push it into place using the side of your needle nose pliers. Even being very careful, I typically pop off about 1 out of 20 primers during this operation. If that happens, disassemble the primer, clean the cup and reload with new caps and gunpowder. Once assembled, the primer is ready for immediate use. To avoid accidentally popping the caps, it is possible to desensitize them by lightly moistening them with 90% isopropyl alcohol before pressing in the anvil. After the alcohol and water evaporates (at least several hours or leave overnight to be sure they are dry) the caps become sensitive again and will work like normal. 6.Save your completed primers in an empty primer box, or use them as normal in making ammunition. Any difficulties in getting the primers to seat properly can usually be traced to a distorted primer cup. The more discriminating you are when sorting out questionable primer cups, the less likely you are to have any problems seating the reloaded primers. It is rare to have a cap primer pop during normal seating in a casing but it does occasionally happen. When made correctly these primers have excellent reliability. With good consistent assembly techniques, less than 1 out of 1000 cap primers will typically be expected fail. In most cases I have analyzed, the cap primer was found to have fired, but was not energetic enough to set off the gunpowder. These primers have successfully set off powders as slow as IMR 4895 used in 223 Remington cartridges. 7.The cost of making cap primers is quite low ($0.003/primer) compared to commercial primers ($0.04/primer), or about a 10:1 cost advantage.** Primers made from strike-anywhere matches This method is easy, relatively safe and unlikely to get you on a federal watch list. In fact, this is the method that the military teaches its troops for making improvised ammunition. The resulting primers are more energetic than cap primers, but still significantly less than commercial primers. The main problem with this method is finding good strike anywhere matches. The only part of the match that is used to make the primer is the White tip which seems to have shrunk in recent years. The only ones readily available are from Diamond which are green with a small White tip. It takes 3-4 matches to make a single SP primer. Here are the steps for making cap primers: Materials needed: a) Strike anywhere matches, b) razor blade or sharp knife, c) hammer (optional), d) bamboo skewer (optional), 1.Working on a non-porous surface, carefully cut off the White tips of 3-4 matches using a razor blade or sharp knife. For safety and because it is so easy to set this compound off, only process enough matches at a time to make one primer. Only the White part is wanted, so be careful to only remove this part of the match. 2.Using the flat face of a hammer and a rolling motion, carefully crush the White compound into a fine powder. Alternatively, use the razor blade to chop the White tips into a powder. 3.Fill a primer cup with the loose White powder and pack the powder tightly using the end of one of the match sticks or a bamboo skewer. Add more powder and repack until the cup is 1/2 to 5/8 full of packed powder. 4.Finally, place a saved anvil over the cup and carefully/slowly push it into place using the side of your needle nose pliers. As with the cap primers, lightly moistening the match powder with 90% isopropyl alcohol will help avoid accidental ignition while pressing in the anvil. After the alcohol and water evaporates (at least several hours or leave overnight to be sure they are dry) the match primers become sensitive again and will work like normal. 5.Save your completed primers in an empty primer box, or use them as normal in making ammunition. When made correctly these primers have excellent reliability. The main disadvantage is the slow preparation technique. It can easily take 5-10 minutes to prepare a single primer. 6.The cost of making match primers is low ($0.015/primer) compared to commercial primers ($0.04/primer), or about a 2:1 cost advantage. Preparation of primer cups It is entirely possible to make your own primer cups from sheet brass if you are a machinist or are able to have the special dies custom fabricated. The needed technical drawing for making these dies can be found in the “Making Ammunition” reference book noted in the appendix.
>>41255 >homemadeprimercourse.pdf Can you upload it the links are broken for me
>>41262 Why don't you guys open a dedicated thread to this topic? This is the meta thread to discuss stuff related to the board, it's completely derailed now.
>>41267 >Why don't you guys open a dedicated thread to this topic? Asking this myself for a week now, and then, this is pure /k stuff not even for /pol
>>41271 Try to open a /k/Nein thread, or at least ask the mods if they're ok with such a thread to stay.
maybe post weapons related stuff in this thread? http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/37091.html
(2.30 MB 1.mp3)
>>41722 That is the national anthem of Israel you putrid jew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_9N1ldPtQ8
>>41725 ooooh thanks I knew I had already heard this somewhere before, you filthy nigger
>>41722 This is the meta thread you filthy kike, go ask this shit in proper places, not here.
>>41739 Mods, can we have an official neinchan server on matrix?
>>41932 meant to reply to OP but clicked on the wrong post
Trump is jewish, actually.
Why do people still use my horrible Shadowrun CSS?
my brenton thread was deleted! fucking gay and blue pilled, shame on you jannies
>>42109 Lurk moar before posting, newfag. You have been instructed on what mistakes you made, now you either shut up and learn or leave. New correct Tarrant thread is up!
The Columbine thread seems to have accidentally been deleted. New thread >>42654
>>42655 .... can you fuck off? your not welcome here
>>42655 Go away.
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(224.52 KB 795x734 LogoV1Template.png)
>>34807 Not graphics design anon, but here's a couple.
>>42898 dont you have any supermarkets that need shooting?
>>42904 one thing at a time
just a reminder that the guy posting constant screencaps titles them "luftwanker" which means he is the same autist that is still mad about banned from the minecraft server (its already been a year lordhobo) for constantly stealing shit from other players
>>43005 He is crying on multiple threads.
fourth consecutive day of shilling and cancerposting efforts have now just devolved into spam
>>43259 And here is another one: >>43260
>>43339 >http Not today, CIA
Anyone has trouble using Tor browser and search engines? Startpage, duckduckgo or google image search. I dont get any result without enabling java script since about yesterday. The fuck is going on?
(23.72 KB 426x240 15-02-2021.jpg)
(23.72 KB 426x240 15-02-2021.jpg)
>>43402 Google often blocks tor users from using it's services (image search, youtube, gmail, ect.) but this isn't new at all. sometimes duckduckgo is down, but other than that everything is normal for me as far as tor goes - a lot of websites just block tor nodes and do not allow javascript but thats just the way things are. Just use clearweb browsers for these sites dude. It's not the end of the world.
>>41244 >the only website that sells liquid mercury are industrial websites that require your name and address Extract the liquid from mercury thermometers. This process is rather inefficient, but you only need a small amount for cartridge primers/explosive detonators or whatever. Mercury fulminate is a primary explosive which means it is only suitable for initiating a larger explosive charge. Other primary explosives you could improvise in place are lead azide, DDNP, HMTD, and TATP (HMTD and TATP are peroxide-based explosives and are known to be very dangerous to manufacture, for this I am reluctant to try them). >Nitric acid is also only sold online from what I've seen Like I've said, it can be distilled from potassium nitrate and sulfuric acid. I am not going to spell out the entire process for you ungrateful fuck, look up nitric acid synthesis online. Fucking W*kipedia has references you can look at. Potassium nitrate can be found in stump remover. Check your local hardware store for them and read the label, only buy it if it says it contains potassium nitrate as the main (and preferably only) ingredient. If it contains impurities, you must dissolve the stump remover in hot water and filter out the insoluble impurities. This is how I obtain my own potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate can also be obtained from fertilizers and food preservatives. Sulfuric acid can be bought in impure form as sulfuric acid drain cleaner. Again, go to you local hardware store and look for plastic bottles individually wrapped in transparent plastic bags. Make sure sulfuric acid is the main ingredient, read the label. Then you pour the drain cleaner into glass containers and slowly add hydrogen peroxide (of any purity, 3% purity works but will add more water to the solution which will ultimately have to be boiled away) to the drain cleaner, stirring, until the solution turns clear. Then you boil away the excess water until you have pure sulfuric acid. I recommend you do research of your own for more information or if these methods are somehow not viable for you. I don't want to get called a kike again just because you are simply quick to dismiss things you don't understand and don't try to understand them. >You are a feces-covered rodent compared to the divine bravery and revolutionary spirit of Saint Stephan Balliet. Sticks and stones, friend. Clearly you have made up your mind but so have I. In my heart I know that I am right.
>>43404 jewgle blocks Tor nodes on its main site habitually but you could always use its image search. Now you can't. But startpage and duckduckgo would always work, at least after trying with another node. Now both sites (clear and onion) work but don't show results. It's really strange and I ask if anyone can reproduce this behaviour or if its just me (faulty browser?)
>>43406 I did a re-install of my browser and the problem was gone
>>43413 >>>cuckchan
>>43429 Here's merely being dipolmatic stop simping for Neu lmao
>>43429 i just want my nein back :'(
>>43005 Is there a community that this site has asside from just the posters here? You said minecraft server so I was wondering if its site-related
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>>43448 No offense but, this post glows more than anything I've ever seen. Don't try to buy weapons off of imageboards guys.
>>43445 yes, neinchan used to host it's own cracked minecraft server. see >>36193
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>>43461 Is the minecraft server still up? I'd like to burn some jewz with fellow pollacks.
What happened to varg? He didn't upload new videos for like forever.
>>43488 what happened to nein? there hasn't been a new post for like forever.


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