Rules of /pol/

1 : Don't glow, nor attract feds. Most common are direct threats and advertising illegal businesses. - It will result in post deletion or instant ban.
2 : No spam
3 : Shill threads/posts dilluting the discussion will be deleted
4 : Namefags are gay
5 : Beware of inviting a fed for dinner, don't reveal too much personal info
6 : plebbit spacing = post deleted "x is police state"=post deleted "Wow."= post deleted "bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted "any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted supporting or being a subhuman (subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views. [definition may be subject to change]) = permanent ban

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply