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The Rules - Read Them 01/05/2020 (Sun) 06:08:47 Id:a7f2ac No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
THE RULES Read these before posting. Note: despite the global rules page being blank, you should know what they usually entail; No CP, no definite statements of intent to commit crime, or soliciting others to do so, etc. etc. 1. This is a safe-for-work board. This means absolutely no porn, this means no scat, gore, or other disgusting shit I'm thankful to be ignorant of. 2. This is a degeneracy-free board. This means no homosexuality, transexuality, fur shit, loli, etc. etc. 3. This board is meant for mature, adult, male users of European descent. If you do not fit that description, feel free to lurk, however, you are not likely to feel welcome here, especially if you attempt posting. If you are not of European descent, you are likely not genetically compatible with the diets, lifestyles, and worldviews put forth here. If you are not mature, please do not post until you are. Whiny, angsty posts of adolescent sexual frustration and rage at the world will be met with scorn and deletion. If you are not male, go back to Twitter or Instagram. 4. This is not /pol/. Strictly political discussion is not encouraged. This board assumes that you have "graduated" from /pol/, are already "red-pilled" and know how the world works, and are looking to affect positive change in your self and your surroundings. 5. This is not /fit/. Physical fitness will be limited to a single general thread. It isn't that hard to not be a slovenly lardass. Everyone did it up until about the last century. 6. You are asked to conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner; argue in good faith and do not post with the intent to deceive or harm other users. Low-quality posts will be removed. Your questions and concerns are in earnest, are humble, and show you are trying to better yourself. Your replies are honest contributions, meant for the betterment of your brothers. "Let me google that for you"-tier posts will be removed. Try things before suggesting them to others. Provide evidence, links, summaries, timestamped photographs. Lead by example.

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Why does http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/boards.js say this board is Abandoned?

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QUALITY COUNTERFEIT NOTES Dudios 02/22/2021 (Mon) 08:38:34 No. 128 [Reply] [Last]
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The Goal Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 18:15:11 Id:ca4059 No. 21 [Reply] [Last]
We need to get more people to support our cause. This is not just about Jews, race realism and the ethnostate while these things are very important they are not the end all be all. The true enemy is the global elite pedophile cult. While accelerationism and waiting for the collapse are good we need to have more people on our side before that happens. If we don’t we will lose by default. In order to sway people to see the truth we must to be an example for others to bring them to our side. We must be physically fit, have a wealth of knowledge and spiritually sound. Show people that through our views and by following the path of truth you will be happier, healthier and successful.
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>>70 But even back in the day when there were no jobs people didn't turn to drugs this much. Is it just an availability thing? I think we need to bring back the shaming culture we used to have. If some became a drug addict they would be shunned. I think this would discourage drug use because no one would be enabling.
>>71 >Is it just an availability thing? Sure. Probably a good half of the drugs in use today did not even exist 50 years ago. I disagree about drugs being a city thing, though. If you count niggers, maybe, but in my experience, rural areas can be worse than the cities for drug use, especially hard drugs like crystal meth and heroin, which is making a comeback apparently. As for causes, you have many factors. As mentioned, lack of economic opportunities. Selling drugs can pay far more than the average small town McJob. Another is lack of wholesome activities or entertainment. The "get money, fuck bitches" lifestyles on the talmudvision don't line up with the realities of rural life, and they may feel the need to go to extreme lengths to "get that dolla" and get away to the big, diverse city with all its exotic delights. Or, simply tuning out and checking out. Or, escapism not from a shared societal problem, but perhaps domestic ones, like alcoholism and physical and sexual abuse, often sharing roots with drug abuse itself. Media glamorized drug use imagery. Internet hyped drug use imagery. Immigrants, physically bringing the drugs and selling them often being their only viable form of employment, being the subhumans they are. The list goes on and on. The causes are many, and trying to tackle or even enumerate them all can seem like a lost cause. A wise man once wrote, "The art of leadership, as displayed by really great leaders of the people throughout the ages, consists in concentrating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will divide that attention." You must pick one cause, raise the alarm, rally forces against it, and defeat it. A demoralizing agent will tell you that you are fighting a hydra, and that there will always spring up more heads: causes you didn't know existed or even entirely new ones, so all your effort has been in vain. The reality is different. Addressing a single cause and successfully addressing it is a breech in the lines; your enemies are caught off-guard and divided, and you have a victory and momentum on your side. If this is an issue near to you, as it should be to all of us, let us know where you want to strike, and we will help you any way we can.
>>88 Checked. I will think about this problem and I will let everyone know what I come up with. Maybe we can get people on board and slowly take back culture and territory from our enemies.
>>71 Like "straight edge" culture?
(1.66 MB 1200x7994 wigger subcultures.jpg)
>straight edge

Anonymous 01/26/2021 (Tue) 22:20:37 No. 126 [Reply] [Last]
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Self Improvement of course Trexler 02/01/2020 (Sat) 16:55:46 Id:db4bef No. 27 [Reply] [Last]
I am having difficulty finding a possible self improvement group. I want to change myself for the better, the reason I am saying this is becausae I had an epiphany a few days ago, and I am not completely in control of my mind just yet. I am looking for a group to motivate me, or force me into the habit of improving my life. I live in Northern California. I currently am making small strides, but I want to improve faster so that way I wont have the possibility of being dragged back into degeneracy. I plan on going to church tomorrow as well as lift every single day at the local gym.
>>27 >self-improvement group These exist? I would be worried about getting involved with some kind of cult, or ripped off by some self-help program shills if I went looking for one of these. However, by realizing that self-improvement is, somewhat ironically, not something that you can do alone, you are on the right track. Look for groups (plural) that let you do a variety of healthy activities with at least somewhat like-minded individuals. Don't worry if they're not all 14/88 either. Don't worry about "red-pilling" them either. If you play a sport with a group, they should be healthy individuals, playing a non-niggerball sport, with a focus on fitness and fun. If you're doing volunteer gardening or community beautification, don't be surprised if your group is mostly boomers and church-ladies. Just stay away from the pot-growing hippies and "community organizer" with blue hair. Get what I'm saying? I would slow down though. Take your time to really assess your situation and what needs to be changed, then work on long-term plans and building habits to make it happen. Rushing and diving head-first into hardcore ascetism is the fastest way to burnout and relapse. Going to the gym everyday is also a great way to give yourself a sports injury and be stuck on your ass for a few months, putting those gains in the negative. Please update with a little bit more info about your current situation and what you are trying to do and maybe we can make some better suggestions.
>>28 >>27 Self-improvement needs to start with you as an individual and spreads out from there. You should lead by example. Show those around you that following the path of true leads to a happy, healthy and successful life. Work out and be physically healthy. Read and learn as much as possible, acquire knowledge about as many skills and topics as possible. Also develop spiritually and have a connection to beauty and the divine (not in the Christian sort of way, but as your own personal spiritual ideas and development).
Fuck the gym and fuck the jews abrahamic fairy stories. Don't lift or exercise using fake motion. Get a pedal bike and go to the wilderness with a n axe and shovel and cut trees and build a shelter. Failing that, find a local community project where you can work your muscles improving public spaces. This will also earn you good rep. True anti degeneracy. Much better than singing songs to a dead jew-on-a-stick. Talk to old people and offer to fix their garden and do repairs for free. Afterwards you can listen and learn from them! Self improvement is about deed and action, not vanity. Become an ambassador.
>>27 A quote: >Discipline is superior to motivation. The former can be trained, the latter is fleeting. You won’t be able to accomplish great things if you’re only relying on motivation. >>40 >cut down random trees in woods >get arrested by forest rangers Faggots who shit on weights are always physically weak.

(315.78 KB 966x615 glock 23.jpeg)
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>>121 >SHORT GUN How short are we talking?

(2.69 MB 480x480 xD.mp4)
Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 14:33:17 No. 110 [Reply] [Last]
SELF IMPROVEMENT DISCORD https://discord.gg/nVBk5sQ

(273.39 KB 1050x1600 almanac1.jpeg)
(2.84 MB 2580x1617 smug_duck.jpeg)
(287.11 KB 2000x1527 pine_warbler.jpeg)
Literacy and Enlightenment Book Thread 01/24/2020 (Fri) 05:19:47 Id:dd10b0 No. 14 [Reply] [Last]
Post your reading suggestions here. Please limit reading suggestions to material that you yourself have read to completion, and can whole-heartedly recommend to your fellow men for their mental and spiritual enrichment. Provide a link to the text as well.

My first suggested reading for Anon is A Sand County ALMANAC AND SKETCHES HERE AND THERE by Aldo Leopold. The file size is just over the limit and I won't direct link to the download, but you may find it by searching on Libgen, www.libgen.is. It is listed as ID 2161873 if you don't know which to get. Upon searching, there is another book titled A Sand County Almanac With Other Essays on Conservation from Round River. It looks to be the same book, except containing more or less material. I don't know, I haven't read that one.

The book was published in 1949 and is a collection of essays on conservation and ecology that read like journal entries. The first section is the writings of a man who buys a plot of marginal, low-value farmland in an area prone to flooding and goes there on the weekends to camp, hunt, and basically walk the land and observe. The second is in a similar format, though the locations vary. The topics in section two largely consist of places that the author had experienced in his youth, as well more general essays on American history, land development, and environmental destruction. The third part is a scathing critique of commercialized outdoor recreation, government land management, lack of private land husbandry, and other laments against the modern system in America. "Outdoorsmen" and their toys also get thoroughly wrecked here.

The book is well-written, easy to read, and highly insightful for anyone with an interest in the natural world and our connections to it, or anyone completely ignorant thereof. It is inspiring in many ways. For one, I admire the author's powers of observation and writing skills and would like to emulate them in my own nature journal some day. I too, would like to be able experience nature so deeply and completely as to be able to write journal entries like these. Second, the purchase of some disused farmland as a retreat, rather than a commercial venture, is a highly appealing prospect. A common complaint I see in /sig/ threads on other boards, because no one posts here is that land is too expensive, that their millenial ass will never afford it. It is likely these anons are looking at prime agriculture and hunting lands, pristine wilderness, or land with valuable water and mineral resources. Marginal land, restored through intensive management, could be a solution for them. To those Anons, or any Anon, I wholy recommend giving this a read.

Also, from the author: Conservation is getting nowhere because it is incompatible with our Abrahamic concept of land.
>Kikes BTFO in the foreword
absolutely right. land is dirt cheap, you just need to look for something that needs work, needs an owner. clearing land that has been unworked for years is a challenge but that is exactly the point of self improvement and improving a small part of the world
Basic Economics is very insightful and interesting. Not the most exciting read, not the least, but perhaps one of the most informative books on economics. Helps explain so many things like prices, markets, economies of scale, diseconomies of scale. Highly recommended. Not sure if it's on Libgen but you can find the 4th edition here: http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/
I recommend everyone read Ted Kaczynski's books, and The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul. >>97 >Basic Economics is very insightful and interesting. Not the most exciting read, not the least, but perhaps one of the most informative books on economics. Helps explain so many things like prices, markets, economies of scale, diseconomies of scale. Highly recommended. Thanks, I have been wanting to learn about economics, but did not know where to start.
Your views are similar to mine and it seems the author's are as well. Awesome. Going into the woods just to bring toys, RVs, lots of tools and equipment just always disturbed and even depressed me. Even a tent bothers me on some level. I've been looking at undeveloped land for under 2k since I was in high school. Time to buy is soon I guess, there's shit for a few hundred dollars often enough.

QTDDTOT and One-liners of Advice Thread Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 14:20:14 Id:ebdfc2 No. 94 [Reply] [Last]
Although low-effort posting is frowned upon in general, I would like to make sure that everyone's voice is at least heard without the pressure to write a well-researched novel every time they post. Use this thread for questions that you feel either don't deserve a thread or ones that you are not confidence starting a thread over. Your concern may be shared by another anon who may better put it into words for you, who knows. Short pieces of advice for your fellow anon should also go here. These should be rules for life that you swear by, and are prepared to defend if they seem dubious or not very widely applicable.
Allow me to start. Live your life with dignity. Do not forget who you are and what you represent. Embody the ideal. Never wear clothing with a visible logo. Do not own or wear graphic tees. Do not wear sweats or other pajama-like clothing in public. Do not eat at your computer, nor in front of the television. Even if you are by yourself or in a rush, sit down to eat at a table. Read a book or a newspaper while you eat if you can't be alone with your thoughts for a few minutes. Use proper dishes when you eat; never use disposable dishes and avoid plastics wherever possible. Never eat or drink directly from a can, bottle, or other food storage container; use the proper dish or glass. For example, own and use a butter dish. It is easier, cleaner, and more dignified than mucking about with greasy cardboard or foil packaging every time you use butter. Put in the effort to build up a collection of dishes and cutlery, slowly if need be. They need not be expensive, nor a meticulously matched and coordinated set. If you are poor, thrift shops exist. Cast iron is always your friend. When posting here or anywhere else, do not type directly into the reply or comment box. Instead, use a text editor to write your post as normal. Then, read over it once to find and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes, "hear" how your message will read to the recipient, and edit as required before submitting. With practice, this will not add to your writing time or effort, and will help you communicate effectively. Do not use profanity or obscene language where it is not called for, not even to yourself. Nor in your thoughts. Your mind is your temple; the filth of this world cannot defile it unless you allow it to.
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(449.83 KB 1599x1066 clean.jpeg)
(348.93 KB 2500x1622 not_this_clean.jpeg)
(358.92 KB 1600x1600 minimal.jpeg)
Part of living with dignity is keeping your living space clean. Make it a habit to straighten up every day. Do not let dirty dishes or laundry pile up. Putting your dirty laundry in the washing machine until you run it is a convenient way to keep it out of sight. If you cannot do your own laundry at home, buy a laundry hamper or basket; do not pile dirty clothes on your floor. Do not go overboard with organizing unless you find it is hampering your productivity or has simply become a mess. Having a dedicated workspace for your creative work and leaving your unfinished work on it can serve as a constant reminder to keep you on task. If you find you honestly do not have time to keep your living space clean, what with working full-time as well as fulfilling your duties to your family, community, and your people, considering down-sizing your lifestyle. Books that you have read and no longer have space for should be donated to someone who could benefit from them. If you are so dedicated to your cause that you do not have time for distractions, remove them from your home. This can include toys, games, that television you never watch, etc.

Rhetoric, Persuasive Writing, and Propaganda Thread Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 13:24:25 Id:10da93 No. 93 [Reply] [Last]
No matter who you are, know that you cannot achieve everything on your own. The goals that we aspire to are too great to be achieved by any single man and as most of us find ourselves increasingly on the fringe of politically acceptable thought and decent society, allies can be few to non-existant. Let's face it, our ideas are not popular. Our lifestyle is ascetic and often far from fun. Our goals run directly counter to those of nearly all of the institutions and power structures of the world. However, how we communicate can help change all of that. Communication is the art of conveying meaning to another. It can take the form of the spoken or written word, or any number of more artistic forms. Communication is critical to the coordinating of any group of people to action. Rhetoric is the art of using language effectively and persuasively. In this thread, I would like to discuss with you this invaluable skill of persuasion, specifically in its written and other visual forms. Our ability to effectively convey our messages to an audience, convince them of the merits of our ways of thought and living, and to win over and recruit them to our side, will decide our future. I have been reading through an introductory volume on persuasive writing to refresh my memory from my college writing class days: Can I change your mind? The craft and art of persuasive writing by Lindsay Camp. That the author is a Brit, uses "she" for the generic third person, and works in advertising keeps me from heaping praise on this book, but for anyone starting from zero, it can be a decent read. The author sums up his theory of effective persuasive writing with the following: "Remember the Reader and the Result." That is, while writing, at least two things need to be made clear beforehand and kept in mind throughout: who your audience is, and what goal you are trying to achieve. I would like to follow up this post with more resources, discussion of particular techniques and examples, and ways that we can practice our skills and get feedback on our writing. Honing our skill with words will be key not only to shaping perceptions of ourselves and our ways of life, but that it will be an indispensable tool in all of our worldly pursuits. Please chime in with resources that have helped you, or even just to make an argument for practice. Feel free to ask for feedback on your writing, or critique of any other communications you may engage in: visual propaganda, music, games, etc.
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